50 Cool Hobbies For Women Who Want To Spice Things Up

 hobbies for women

I recently went through a transitional phase of feeling bored with the activities that used to entertain me, but unsure of what activities to turn to for fun. In the past, I might’ve joined a kickball league, but that sounded incredibly unappealing. I was in limbo. What was a woman to do?

After spending a few months searching for my fun, I decided to take acting classes and I never looked back. Don’t be like me, don’t waste precious time stuck in a rut when there are so many activities that can pique your interest.

Here’s an extensive list of hobbies, categorized by their appeal, and an explanation of how you can get started immediately.

Hobbies For Women Who Love A Challenge

1. Learn A Language

If you’ve been feeling particularly inspired by the idea of learning a language, what’s stopping you? There’s a misconception that after a certain age it’s too late to explore non-native languages. It’s a misconception because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, you may not retain information as easily as when you were a kid, but a hobby should be low-pressure. You’re not seeking perfection, you’re seeking fun. 

Learning a new language as an adult is such a treat because you’re able to thoroughly appreciate the language and its intricacies. Your interest in the language can expand into an interest in its history, the and the region it’s native to. 

How to get started easily:  

You can get an incredibly inexpensive subscription to Rosetta Stone with the language of your choice and explore at your leisure. Rosetta Stone is the industry-leading way for individuals and corporations to learn languages. 


2. Learn Choreography

I wasn’t the only 90s kid that watched MTV and VH1 for the music videos, stumbling through N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears choreography. That was one of the primary ways I entertained myself after school and on the weekends. Then, my classmates and I would get together and perform the routines as a group.

Well, guess what I tried to learn the choreography to Ciara’s 2018 “Level Up” song and it’s still fun, even in my 30s. Not only is it fun, but it’s a challenge, it helps you express pent-up energy, and it’s a workout. You may or may not have girlfriends interested in fumbling through the choreography with you like when we were kids, but you don’t need ‘em. This can be solo or group fun.

How to get started easily:

Create a free account on VEVO and explore music videos from artists known for high dance performances like Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Ciara, Britney Spears ETC.  Then, try to find a choreography tutorial on YouTube, I guarantee you it exists. If I’m somehow wrong, or if the videos available are low-quality, then try your best to learn from the music video itself. Hell, you may learn the steps well enough to make your own YouTube tutorial.


3. Learn An Instrument

Learning an instrument can be a really fun hobby because it challenges you to use your brain differently. Most people go straight for the learning the piano or guitar because they’re familiar and quite accessible. But, the key is to make sure you pick an instrument you’re really interested in.

I grew up the daughter of a jazz musician and therefore music was just a part of our childhoods. My parents got me into piano lessons early and I thought it was the most boring thing ever. Then, after a year of torture, they allowed me to choose my own instrument. I chose the clarinet and I never looked back. I went on to play symphonic music in school and traveled all over for concerts. I loved it.

So, the lesson here is to find the right fit for you if learning an instrument is a hobby you’d like to explore. 

How to get started easily:

Take a trip to the closest music store and tell them about your idea. You want to learn an instrument but want to be sure it’ll interest you for the long haul. Many music stores will let you play around with various instruments until you find one that lights you up. Then, they can help you choose the best version of your chosen instrument at your beginner level and even connect you with a good teacher. 


4. Learn Magic Tricks

There’s something about a slight-of-hand trick that’s so intriguing. Depending on how good the magician is, no matter how closely you pay attention you still can’t figure out how they performed the trick. It’s fun for everyone on both sides of the illusion.  

How to get started easily: 

You can start with simple card tricks by picking up a pack of cards and a book on card tricks. Once you’ve mastered those, you can level up to more intricate tricks.  

Hobbies For Women Who Want To Test Their Limits

5. Improv & Acting

I talked about how I discovered improv and acting classes as the exact fun I’d been looking for in this self-care article. Acting forces you to release your inhibitions while exploring choice and human behavior. Acting as a hobby is not something to beat yourself up over, so through the course of your classes, you’ll learn how to act without negativity. You can’t get it wrong.

The one caveat is to make sure that your acting coach is encouraging and positive. To do that, ask to attend a class just to observe. You’ll be able to see the acting coach’s style from the sidelines and get an understanding of the format of the class. If you don’t prefer the acting coach’s style you can go back to meet up or google and keep looking until you find one that you do prefer. 

How to get started easily: 

You can find local acting classes on meetup.com or by googling “acting classes in my area.” 


6. Painting

Painting is a really good hobby to pick up because it allows you to explore your creativity subjectively. You can paint anything you want whether it be a big circle, a landscape, or a stick figure.

How to get started easily:

Get this extremely high-quality 51 minute beginners acrylic paint class from Brit and Co. Megan Elizabeth, the course instructor, will walk you through how to paint landscapes and will show you which supplies you need. The class is offered on demand so you can watch whenever you get some time.

Once you purchase the class you have lifetime access to it so you will be able to learn from it indefinitely and at your leisure.

7. Singing

If you can carry a tune and love doing so, maybe you want to expand your hobby beyond singing in the shower or car.

How to get started easily:

Create a meetup.com account if you don’t already have one, and search for “singing” or “singing groups.” These groups are usually amateurs and are looking for additional members who can add greater range to their melodies.

8. Dancing

Dancing is an incredible activity because it allows you to funnel energy through your body which improves your mood. Dancing is a fun way to incorporate exercise into your life and improve your overall well-being as well.

How to get started easily:

I’m going to send you to meetup.com to turn your affinity for dance into a hobby. The reason why is because meetup will help you find events, groups, and locations to dance in addition to the people to dance with which gives you that social experience. Otherwise, you might find a local salsa night but may feel too intimidated to actually go and introduce yourself to strangers.


9. Stand-Up Comedy

If no other hobby idea on this list will help you test your limits, stand-up comedy sure will. Write down your best or most stupid jokes, either of them could get you a laugh or two and give stand-up a try. Stand-up makes a great hobby if you love a stage and love to put yourself out there. 

If you really are worried about getting laughs then invite your friends to come for support. But, keep in mind that it’s amateur stand-up so everyone will probably suck. You’re just there to have some fun, and maybe suck at it too. 

How to get started easily:

It’s actually really easy to find amateur stand-up with a simple google search. Many bars, comedy clubs, and coffee shops host periodic amateur nights. All you need to do is make a call and get your name added to the line-up. 


10. Spoken Word & Poems

Spoken word and poetry are excellent hobbies if you want to test your vulnerability. Much of writing and performing spoken word and poems is very intimate and the performances are even more emotionally enthralling.

How to get started easily:

Much like finding amateur stand-up, you can find spoken word nights via google and meetup.com. Or, if you have an independent local coffee shop nearby you can stop in and ask if they know of any events happening in your area.

Hobbies For Women Who Need More Down Time

11. Meditating

Meditation is incredibly important to your overall health because it’s the practice of managing your brain’s activity and your brain controls your entire body. If you find it difficult to allocate time to meditation, change your perception of it from something to help you when you’re upset to something you do as a hobby and for fun. In doing so, you’ll practice meditation more frequently and will experience the benefits even more.

How to get started easily:

Many people find starting with guided meditations the easiest. So, download an app like Calm on iTunes or Google Play. This is the app that I use daily because I get to choose how I interact with it, while others may force you through a tutorial. I’ve clocked 275 meditative days, 338 sessions, and 97 hours via this app.

You also might consider creating a meditation space or meditation room within your home. We’ve written an article that will help you figure out how to create such a space and what to include in it.

12. Yoga

Yoga as a hobby is a wonderful choice for someone who wants more excuses to loosen up. Like meditation, changing the perception on healthy practices from something you should do, to something you want to learn more about and explore as a hobby is a great way to take interest and still experience the health benefits.

How to get started easily:

All you need to get started with yoga is floor space, a yoga mat, and a good yoga app like Yoga Studio which you can download via iTunes or Google Play.

13. Relaxing

I’m 100% serious that relaxing is a hobby you might want to consider. At least, you should think of it as a hobby. In doing so, you’ll remember to schedule time for it and not feel like a hobby has to be something that keeps you physically busy. We covered this in our article "Is Relaxing Considered A Hobby?” give it a read.

How to get started easily:

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and tee up some of your favorite low-key activities, like binge-watching tv.


14. Jigsaw Puzzles

Putting together jigsaw puzzles is a great hobby for someone who enjoys quiet contemplation. Puzzles can come in hundreds or thousands of pieces and with different degrees of difficulty.  You can even throw puzzle parties by grabbing a new puzzle, a couple of bottles of wine, and some pizza for your friends. You guys can all come together and see how far you get with the puzzle. Are several heads really better than one? 

How to get started easily: 

It’s pretty easy to get started with jigsaw puzzles, just grab one from Amazon like this 750 piece Cats of Charles Wyoscki puzzle and you’re ready to go. 


15. Writing & Journaling

Both writing short stories and journaling are great ways to relax. Handwriting is found to increase neural activity in certain sections of the brain, much like meditation.

How to get started easily:

All you need is a journal and a good pen. If you have some trouble figuring out what to write about you can try using journals with prompts and start off responding to those prompts which will help you exercise that creative side of your brain.

16. Movie Reviewing

If you love movies, watch more of them intentionally. Watch straight to streaming and B-rate movies as well as high budget and indie films. Watch them all and analyze the plots, character development, scene settings, and scripts.

How to get started easily:

All you need is a subscription to a streaming service, which you probably already have, an IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes account, and your opinions.

Hobbies For Women Who Have A Creative Eye

17. Photography

Photography is so interesting because it seems there’s an endless amount of learning and ways to improve on your technique. This is why photography is an excellent candidate for a hobby, there are always new settings, new people, and new objects to shoot. Photography will always feel fresh.

How to get started easily:

You can pretty much start with whatever camera you’ve got. I would suggest that you take a class on photography and learn about angles and lighting. Once you have the basics down, then you can really make it your own.

Consider taking this Photography for Bloggers Online Class hosted by Brit & Co and taught by Lindsay Ostram. She founded the blog Pinch of Yum and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Shape Magazine, The Kitchn, and Bon Appetit.

18. Sketching

If you have some natural talent beyond making stick figures, sketching is an excellent way to zone out and express yourself on paper.

How to get started easily:

Grab a sketch notebook and pencil and get started by drawing whatever comes to mind. You can’t get it wrong! If you would like some tips from an expert you can take this online sketching class by Mary Phan via Brit & Co. Once you’ve purchased the class, it’s yours forever which will be fun as you progress then go back to see your humble beginnings.

19. Digital Illustrating

Digital illustrations are so freaking cool. Have you ever wondered how to bring those really high-quality gif illustrations to life? Well, a digital illustrator created it.

How to get started easily:

Kristin Berry Mastoras, of Miss Design Berry Inc, teaches an on-demand online class for digital illustrations. She will show you how turn pictures of your pets (or anything) into digital illustrations. FYI, here’s her course on turning photos of yourself into digital illustrations.

20. Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

If you’re an avid doodler when you zone out, then you might enjoy learning real hand lettering and calligraphy techniques.

How to get started easily:

This Calligraphy 101 Online Class is for beginners, is 40 minutes long and taught by Lauren Essl who is the founder of Blue Eye Brown Eye design studio.

Once you purchase your class, you have lifetime access to it, anytime, anywhere.

21. Watercoloring

Along the same lines of acrylic painting, watercoloring is another way to express your creativity. Watercolor art is so light and fun, it’s definitely worth your hobby consideration.

How to get started easily:

This 67-minute beginner Illustration With Watercolor Online Class is taught by Meera Lee Patel. The class is available on demand so you can get the class and start whenever you’re ready. Meera will walk you through the supplies you need, blending colors, sketches, and painting your design

FYI, your class never expires because you get lifetime access.

22. Sewing

If there is ever another great depression your experience with sewing as a hobby will make you a hot commodity. Until then, sewing is another great channel for you to explore your creativity and create something all yours from scratch.

How to get started easily:

Take this Intro To Sewing Online Class taught by Roxy Taghavian via Brit and Co. Once you purchase the class you have lifetime access to it, so you can take your time learning the basics of utilizing sewing machines and how to create beginner pieces.

23. Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is such an art, and it’s surprisingly difficult. If you have an affinity for flowers and an eye for design, you should take a stab at flower arranging as a hobby.

How to get started easily:

Go to your nearest market or flower shop and grab two or three bouquets of different types of flowers. Christina and Rhiannon of FarmGirl Flowers teach a beginner’s course on flower arranging that never expires. Check it out if you want expert help getting started.

24. Jewelry Making

If you enjoy tinkering with pretty baubles and metals but aren’t really interested in sewing clothing, then you might love jewelry making.

How to get started easily:

Take this 28-minute online class about jewelry making and metalworking. You’ll learn about all of the supplies you’ll need to get started and how to forge different metals to create earrings and add embellishments.

25. Interior Design

If you absolutely adore decorating then you might consider interior design as a hobby. You’re likely already refreshing your home decor on a periodic basis anyways. And, you probably receive admiration from people who ask you your style secrets. Dive into what you love and figure out ways that you can extend the hobby outside of your own aesthetic and help others decorate according to their own tastes as well.

How to get started easily:

This Color & Pattern For Interior Design online class is taught by Jamie Meares and hosted by Brit and Co. Jamie is the founder of Furbish Studio and has been featured in magazines like Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Her class is only 31 minutes long and once you purchase it, it’s yours forever. You can access it whenever you want and however much you want. In the class, she’ll cover how you can expand your thoughts regarding color combinations, patterns, and furniture.

Hobbies For Women Who Let Their Tastebuds Guide Them

26. Foodie

Do you like to eat? Do you like eat things that taste good? Well, then you’d make a good foodie.

How to get started easily:

Download the Foursquare App and just sort by restaurants near you with top ratings. Go, eat, experience the ambiance, and then leave your review on the Foursquare app. You’ll be doing a major service to fellow foodies!

27. Beer Brewing

Beer brewing is an incredibly interesting hobby because you can just make batch after batch, trying different techniques. It’s also really fun, possibly even more fun to try the beers or have friends over to try them.

How to get started easily:

This 29-minute Beer Brewing Online Class is taught by Erica Shea, the founder of Brooklyn Brew Shop. In under 60 minutes, Erica’s online class will walk you through all the steps of beer brewing: from sanitizing your supplies, fermentation, to transferring your final brew to bottles.

Your access to the class never expires, so you can get started whenever you’re ready and refer back to it as much as you like.

28. Wine & Liquor Tasting

Do you have a refined palette? Would you like to have a more refined palette? Try your hand at wine and liquor tasting. I’m always amazed by people who can tell the difference between Brandys that are a year or two in age difference.

How to get started easily:

Visit a winery or local distillery and talk to the bartenders. Ask their suggestions and soak up their knowledge. You’ll become a pro in no-time

29. Baking

Taking disparate ingredients and turning them into something edible is so satisfying. Especially once you graduate from following others recipes to creating your own.

How to get started easily:

There are millions of recipes available online. Google a food you’ve been interested in making, gather your supplies, and get going!

Hobbies For Women Who Love To Work With Their Hands

30. Restoration

If you enjoy the idea of bringing old things back to life, then try restoration as a hobby.

How to get started easily:

You can find old furniture on curbs or craigslist. When you find a piece that you’d like to tackle, take pictures of it and make a list of what it might take to bring it back to life. Does the piece just need a little paint? Some varnish? Next, take a trip to the nearest hardware store and find an expert to talk to. Show them your pictures and they can guide you to the products best suited to fulfill your vision.

31. Repairs & Home Projects

Something always needs fixing, especially when you own property like a home or a car. Rather than hiring repairmen try to tackle repairs on your own as a hobby. Steer clear of anything electrical or plumbing related. You don’t want to turn a small annoyance into an emergency call.

How to get started easily:

Make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to take care of. At the top of the list should be the repairs that seem the simplest. Take pictures of what you’re needing to repair, then head to the hardware store and get expert assistance finding the necessary tools and products. Once you have your basic information and tools you can search for a how-to repair video via YouTube for a step by step walk-through.

Hobbies For Women Who Enjoy Digital Arts

32. Videography & Youtube

If there’s one piece of advice that all successful YouTubers and videographers have in common it’s to start it as a hobby, without any pressure, have fun and watch your art grow. We sat down with Emily Nelson, a popular Disney YouTube vlogger and she gave us some insight into her beginnings and her goals for the future. You should give it a read.

How to get started easily:

Think about what you want to make videos of. For example, do you enjoy short-homemade comedy sketches? Write down some of your ideas that sound really exciting, then figure out how to implement your ideas easily. Next, you need a camera and you definitely have at least one quality camera if own a cell phone.

Many cell phone video cameras are as good as professional cameras on the market. Lastly, you’ll need to figure out what you’re doing with your videos. Are you sharing them to social media? YouTube? Are you uploading them to Vimeo? Or, are you simply creating them to admire yourself?

Lastly, once you have some ideas about what you want to do, you may want to watch this YouTube video, 10 Tips for Beginner Filmmakers. It has over 1 million views and may cover some of the basics that will help you hit the ground running.

33. HTML & CSS Coding

Learning how to code comes in handy if you ever want to own a website. More than that, learning to code can be a stimulating hobby. Like baking a cake, you take ingredients called code elements and put them together to form something really satisfying.

How to get started easily:

Take this 74-minute on-demand Beginners HTML & CSS Coding Course taught by Allison House at Brit and Co. When your schedule permits, you can learn all the basics of coding which include HTML& CSS layouts as well as CSS design. You’ll also learn about the industry standard coding tools used by professional coders.

Hobbies For Women Who Want To Turn Money Into More Money

34. Stock Market Investing

The stock market can be an adrenaline ride but studies show that if you’re patient and a long-term investor the odds are that you will be able to make a profit on the money you invest in the stock market. If building long-term wealth is a goal of yours then you should definitely consider stock market investing as a hobby using a small bit of cash. Once you get comfortable and get access to more cash to invest you can go bigger.

How to get started easily:

Take this free 18-minute Investing 101 Class taught by Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance. In the class, you will get a basic understanding of how the stock market works, basic terminology, and how to buy your first shares.

35. Consulting

Do you have tons of knowledge about a particular area of interest? Well, try consulting as a hobby. If you start consulting with the idea of it’s just something for you to stay active and interested then, you’ll be able to build a client base without putting pressure on yourself.

How to get started easily:

Offer consulting services via craigslist or via a freelancer website like upwork.com. Since you’re offering your service as a hobby (assuming you’ll charge a low-rate) you will get a lot of interest and can be really picky about the projects you work on while building your portfolio.

Hobbies For Women Who Are Curious About The Universe

36. Astronomy

Do you ever just look up at the stars with awe and wonder? Then, you should consider astronomy as your hobby.

How to get started easily:

You’ll just need an astronomy book like Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing The Universe, and a telescope. The telescope will help you see the moon and the stars more clearly and the book will teach you what the heck you’re looking at. You’ll want to know if you’re looking at the Big Dipper or not.

37. Astrology

Astrology is immensely popular right now because of its mysticism. Is the day, month, hour, and location of our birth significant or not? If you believe it is, or believe it could be, you might want to delve a bit more into astrology as a hobby. It can help you understand yourself more as well as those around you.

How to get started easily:

The best way to get started is with a book like The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk or an Astrology 101 video on YouTube.

38. Tarot

Tarot has an amazing history and you could spend a lifetime studying the symbolism alone. Learning tarot is a great hobby for someone who’s curious about the universe and searching for deeper meaning.

How to get started easily:

You can purchase a deck of tarot cards from Amazon as well as a beginner tarot book like The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.

Hobbies For Women Who Love Being Social

39. Game Trivia

If you have a wealth of useless knowledge in your brain you’d probably be amazing at trivia nights.

How to get started easily:

Google local pubs and restaurants in your area to see if they host game trivia nights and go! You would also do pretty well by seeing what meetup.com has to offer for trivia social groups.

40. Board Games

Similar to trivia nights, board game nights are awesome if you love to be social but also have a bit of a competitive streak in you.

How to get started easily:

Invite some friends over for board games and drinks using facebook events. Encourage friends to bring their favorite games and if there’s time you’ll add them to the lineup. If you want to improve your board game selection you should check out our article on the best board games available on the market right now.

41. Book Club

I’ve always admired people who could read books cover to cover and then discuss the intricacies of the characters and plot development. Don’t get me wrong, I read books but I don’t know that I would be able to add much to depth to a discussion about them.

How to get started easily:

I’m going to send you back to meetup.com to find a book club. Of the many cities I’ve lived in there were always loads of book clubs available. Once you’ve found a group that seems like a good fit, just RSVP for their next event and show up!

42. Volunteering

Get out of the house, get active in your community, and meet people with similar philanthropic interests. Volunteering is a slam dunk of a hobby. The trick is to find the right organizations and the right types of volunteering projects for you.

How to get started easily:

Visit volunteermatch.com and enter your zip code. Loads of reputable organizations in your area that are seeking volunteers will appear in your list. Then, you can go through the list and read about what they do and what projects they’re seeking help for. When you’ve narrowed down an organization or two you can just email the coordinators via the contact info listed. It’s so easy.

43. Costumes & Cosplay

If you loved playing dress up as a kid or love Halloween now then you should probably consider cosplay as a hobby. Cosplay is SO fun and really allows you to express yourself creatively. Plus, cosplay is a culture so there are always local-social events that fellow cosplayers attend.

How to get started easily:

Google cosplay events in your area and find out when the next one is coming up. Grab a ticket, then decide on a character you want to go as. Go as minimal or as big as you want in the creation of your costume. The fun is in the experience!

Hobbies For Women Who Want To Collaborate With Nature

44. Aquatics & Aquariums

Aquariums are great hobbies if you enjoy nature because you get to experience the challenge of managing a tank, but to also learn about aquatic environments and how those ecosystems thrive harmoniously. Additionally, once you set up your tank you’ll realize that you’ve created a living thing that evolves and grows right before your eyes.

How to get started easily:

Fresh-water tanks are the easiest to maintain for newbies. My suggestion is to go to your nearest pet store, or aquatics store and ask them to set up you with a good tank the best types of fish for beginners.

45. Gardening

Speaking of living things that grow and evolve before your eyes, gardening is such a rewarding hobby. And, you’re not limited to when and where you can enjoy gardening. It’s quite common nowadays to see indoor and apartment gardens as well.

How to get started easily

If you want to experience gardening all year round, try your hand at some low-maintenance indoor plants. We wrote an article about l0w-maintenance plants on Amazon that you can buy.

Hobbies For Women Who Love Adrenaline

46. Martial Arts

Martial arts is such a compelling hobby because you learn so much about yourself, your body and their country of origins. Also, if you so desire, you can participate in tournaments.

How to get started easily:

Google martial arts gyms and classes near you. There are a ton to choose from, trust me. Once you’ve selected a couple you’re interested in, ask to come and just watch so that you can get a feel for the teacher and the class.

47. Self-Defense Classes

Another ass-kicking hobby that is worth your consideration. Self-defense classes are amazing because you get to learn so many maneuvers that can be potentially life-saving. There’s a certain confidence you’ll develop knowing that if you need to defend yourself, you’ll know what to do. Additionally, it’s a freaking workout and it’s also really social.

How to get started easily:

Check out self-defense classes on either meetup.com, via google, or at your local YWCA.

Hobbies For Women Who Are Dying To Explore

48. Explore Your City

I’m willing to bet there is loads you don’t know about your city, even if you were born and raised there. The thing about history is that it’s an endless well. Exploring your city is a great hobby because it will give you renewed interest and appreciation in your own backyard and help you find new favorite entertainment venues and restaurants.

How to get started easily:

Think about two or three places you’ve been telling yourself you want to check out for forever and never got around to it. Then, just go with the goal of experiencing what they’re all about.

49. Traveling

What’s not to love about traveling? The sights, the people, the food, the culture all make for satisfying experiences. You don’t even have to leave the country to find areas worth traveling to. You can plan an extensive trip or a simpler trip to a neighboring state.

How to get started easily:

Pick a place you want to go. If it’s an international location, check Groupon for package deals. If it’s in the country, you’ll just need an Air Bnb and a plane ticket. Book your plane ticket first. Just do it, because once you’ve spent money on the plane ticket you have some skin in the game and will follow through on your plans.

Hobbies For Women Who Are Super Organized

50. Event Planning

If you’re a meticulous person, event planning is the go-to hobby for you. Event planners are in high demand and you’ll have the opportunity to help plan all sorts of events from parties, to weddings, to social events.

How to get started easily:

Volunteer your assistance to a friend or family member. Other people will ask for your help if you just let them know you’re interested. Exchange clear expectations with the event owner and dive in. If you don’t like it, you’ll learn what to change next time or you can explore a different hobby like volunteering.

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