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"Dear Self," Prompt Card Deck - 52 Card Deck


Why You'll Love It:

This is not an affirmation card deck; it's a prompt card deck, and you're going to love it. The Dear Self Prompt Card Deck was designed to help you self-coach and lovingly guide yourself into creating better feeling stories about yourself and your experiences.

Because the deck guides you to fill in the details that matter the most to you, your relationship with the deck will be as unique as you are.

Your work with the Dear Self Prompt cards may require a lot of thought and introspection, and we think that's why you'll enjoy them the most.

These cards are an outlet to spend quality time with yourself and stop self-limiting story-telling in its tracks.

What to Expect:

These prompt cards ask you to do work to reframe the stories you tell yourself. Each card features fill-in-the-blank spaces for you to create answers that are personal and relevant to you. Feel free to express yourself by completing the prompt aloud or through writing. 

These cards are sturdy but smooth satiny to the touch. The two-part box features a matte textured finish.

Good to Know:

  • 52-Card Deck
  • Created by Tarisha Clark
  • ISBN: 978-1-7325119-1-0
  • Publisher: I AM Media LLC
  • Made In USA
  • Designed in Kansas City
  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 5.25"

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews

      I love this so much and thankful for buying ❤️!!!!


      I love the cards and that you can use them to rewrite those usually bad stories that we tell ourselves!

      Perfect and Relevant

      I read it daily since i got them. I contemplate the words and share them too. Perfect for a gift as well


      Mindfulness and meditational healing are my jam. These cards integrate so well with my routine. I now journal daily. I also received the affirmations. All I can say is health and healing come with these tools. Try them for yourself. Do the work.

      Absolutely Amazing

      Ever since I got this deck I've been inspired to journal more and I can honestly say that it's helped me dig deep into myself and write more in depth. I honestly love the simplicity of the cards and how it has fill in prompts, I definitely recommend to anyone who's interested in self-care.