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About Us

We're I AM & CO

In 2019 we created I AM & CO to serve as an independent publisher of self-care tools and positive mainstream media products. 

We carefully curate products from brands that also align with our goal. Together, we bring you products that support you when you need it the most, help you express your personality, and also infuse your environment with vibrance and energy.

Our Mission

We strive to create feel-good products that inspire positive identity, discussion, expansion, and growth. Our mission is to be your trusted brand for all things feel-good, quirky, and fun.

Meet the Founder

Hi Friends! I'm Tarisha and I started I AM & CO because I want us all to have better days. I know all too well that in the pursuit of feeling better there are obstacles, and set-backs that are simply part of the human experience.

However, we can have moments that feel better than the last and my goal is for I AM & CO to help you create those moments.

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