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things to do by yourself

One of the blessings and curses of being a woman is our social and emotional awareness. Self-exploration and positive self-actualization are very important for personal growth for which spending some time alone is very important. It allows us to do and think things through at our own pace which helps us to perceive ourselves and our actions on our own terms, not how others perceive us and our actions which is the essence of maturing as we grow older.

Spending time alone can be uncomfortable for some, but it really is an important component of recentering yourself. You get to be selfish with your time and in that you learn so much about how you prefer to spend it.

Once you get in the habit of experiencing the joy and satisfaction of spending some quality time with yourself, you’ll want to do it more often than perhaps you realize! We’re here to help you get comfortable with you. So, we’ve compiled this list of activities to give you some ideas.

Here are 30 fun, interesting, or helpful activities to do by yourself that’ll definitely broaden your horizons! 

Things To Do By Yourself    

1.  Travel By Yourself

Traveling is one of those things to do by yourself that serves as such an exploration in the subject of “you.” For the skiddish, traveling by yourself doesn’t have to mean across the world or something intimidating. You can travel to a neighboring city or state and still learn so much about yourself. What do you love to do? Given the ability to design your own itinerary how would you fill it?

Traveling by yourself doesn’t translate into a trip spent alone either. One of the best birthday gifts I gave myself was a week-long vacation to the Dominican Republic, alone. However, after I arrived, I met so many people that I perhaps wouldn’t have engaged with if I’d traveled there with a group or significant other. I traveled there alone, but I still made life-long friendships with people from all over the world.

Hollywood has made major dough from art imitating life and the “solo journey.” For decades, evergreen films like Eat, Pray, Love (2010), Tracks (2014) and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) have inspired movie-goers to take a trip of their own to find themselves.

2. Explore Your Favorite Hobbies

We are so pro-hobby here at I AM & CO. In fact, we wrote another article about hobbies for women that is just on fire. People want to find their passions. So, in your quiet time you can take the opportunity to do your favorite hobbies. Or, you can figure out what activities interest you enough to try out.

If you don’t have clear-cut hobbies that enjoy at this time, make sure to read our list of 50 ideas, it may give you an epiphany. But, learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument like the guitar or flute, making a genealogical tree of your family, collecting stuff, starting your own diary or journal, volunteering or taking up photography are all great places to start.

3. Treat Yourself !

Everyday can be a treat yourself day but especially when you’re looking for things to do by yourself. If your budget permits break out that credit card and buy yourself something nice. Go get your hair and nails done. Plan out an extravagant evening with no intention of socializing with others. Sit down at a cozy bar, order a few drinks then treat yourself to a juicy steak or seafood at a fancy restaurant before hitting bed. Plan a full on spa day complete with massage and skin treatments. Anything you’ve held off doing, do it.

4. Create Your Bucket List

Draft up a hefty bucket list or find your current bucket list and start tackling it. There’s always so many things to do and what feels like so little time especially when you’re juggling work commitments and relationships. That is, unless you become more strategic about planning.

Make a bucket list of all those missed opportunities and start fulfilling them one by one! One trick to make sure you really put effort into your bucket list is to publicize it. Tell friends and family all the things you want to accomplish for the year or season and they will help hold you accountable.

5.  Go To The Movies Like Han…. Solo

HA! Get it? Han….solo..on an article about doing things by yourself? I realize I just ruined the joke so let’s move on. Just because you may usually go to the movies in groups or pairs doesn’t mean you always have to. Want to watch that new rom-com when everyone’s pining for the next superhero movie? Go see it alone and you’ll be surprised by how much you don’t miss having others with you.

6.  Be Weird

Everybody is weird. And, we’re even weirder when we’re alone, which is amazing. Even extroverts need some alone time just to decompress and do the things they feel they can’t when there’s an audience present. Got a horrible singing voice but still enjoy pretending to be the next Beyonce when singing in the shower? Go for it girl! Do you like to eat sardines and exfoliate your face while watching Youtube videos of cats knocking things off of tables? Do. it.

7.  Become A Pro DIYer

Tired of freaking out every time your car makes a weird noise? Have you washed so much hair down your shower drain that you have a plumber on speed dial? Study DIY fixes to master some of these day to day issues. It can feel really empowering to know that you can rely on yourself if need. The late president John F. Kennedy even mentioned once in an interview that he grew up watching his mother fixing things around the house, not his dad!

8.  Take A Walk With No Destination

Trust me on this one, this is simply one of the best things to do by yourself. Walk around in parts of the city where you’ve never been, or take a hike down the forest trail of a national park if you have one nearby. Sometimes having no goals is the best way to relax all you need to do is breath the fresh air and experience. Hell, if you walk too far you can just call an Uber to take you home. It’s okay, no one is judging.

9.  Experiment In The Kitchen

I adore cooking but I never do it because I’ve convinced myself I don’t have the time. In reality, the moments when I’m alone are great times to try quick recipes and just see if they end up tasting like poison or not. Cooking makes the list of great things to do by yourself because the reward is pigging out, oh and honing in your skill. Also, if you’re a thrifty grocery shopper you can save a ton of money by cooking for yourself more often than eating out.

10.  Talk To Yourself About Life

Do you know who’s the best person for you to talk to about life? You. Do you know who has the best advice for you? You. Make friends with yourself and spend precious moments alone sharing your thoughts out loud and talking yourself through questions you have. In your discussions, remember that the right answer for you for where you are is the one that feels the easiest.

11. Binge Watch That Show

Make binge watching that tv show your priority when you’re all by yourself, especially if you’re the only fan of it in your household. You want to just sit and enjoy want you want to enjoy without interruption on judging eyes. So what if you love cheesy-predictable rom-coms! You deserve to live!

12.  Take A Long Drive By Yourself

Similar to taking a walk alone, there’s such a draw to hopping in the car and having no place to be, especially when you live in an easily drivable city. You’ll discover new areas, parks, and cafes while listening to your well-curated playlist. Plus, a lot of good thinking gets done in the car.

13.  Watch The Sunrise And Sunset

We all know sunrise and sunset can be a wonderful view from our bedroom windows and balcony with a cup of coffee. But ever tried gazing at them after taking a hike in a beautiful natural setting? The transition from darkness to light and vice versa with the sounds and smell of nature make for a really relaxing experience. What an amazing moment to give yourself.

14.  Make Relaxing Your Hobby

This idea might sound simplistic but it really isn’t. One of the hardest things for ambitious people to do is NOTHING. So instead of perceiving relaxing as a waste of time or unproductive perceive it as a hobby.

In fact, now that I look back, all those trips to my grandparents when I was a kid must have been because my parents wanted to do this all the time! Don’t invite anyone over the weekend; just sit in your pajamas, order a pizza and do whatever you want all day long! You’ll be surprised how good you feel the next day without even setting a foot outside.

15. Do Something Intellectually Stimulating

Solve a Rubik’s Cube, do a crossword or a sudoku puzzle, start playing chess, put together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. As long as it’s an activity that is stimulating and not frustrating you’re on the right track.

16.  Unplug And Unwire Yourself

Being always connected online and offline can create a lot of stress due to the constant communications management. Take off those earphones and turn off the phone for an hour or so once you reach home and just enjoy the silence and serenity.

Make sure to unplug from work if possible too. Unless you’re delivering babies, it’s more possible than you or employer would allow you to believe.

17.  Put On A Show

I’m open to performing any Cher song for the amusement of my pets or couch pillows. Additionally, I’m open to acting out any scene for the amusement of my kitchen appliances. So what! I’m alone, I can do what I want and I want is my spotlight. Queue up your playlist

18.  Play With Your Pets

As much as you need alone time, your pets may desire alone time with you as well. Take them on walks by yourself, play with them until you tire out, and cuddle them tightly. Attempt to teach them new tricks and laugh when they just stare at you moronically. When I get really busy I feel guilty about how little time I get to spend with them. So, in my alone time, giving them my undivided attention just creates one big love fest and reinforces our bond.

19.  Treat Yourself To Some Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be really helpful if you’ve gone through or going through a rough patch. What better thing to do by yourself than read about how amazing you are as a human being? Affirmations help you support your mood so if you’re already feeling relaxed they will nudge you even more into that delicious feeling. You can also snap pictures of affirmations and share them with loved ones.

20.  Get Your Finances In Order

This idea may not sound very fun when considering things to do by yourself, but it can certainly be the most relieving. Also, if you’re someone who’s private about money, the best time for you to sit down and dive into your bank balance may be when you’re alone. Spend time organizing our finances and strategizing because having a handle on your financial outlook can only feel refreshing and provide much-needed clarity.

21.  Take Care Of Your Body And Mind

Your mind and spirit and body are here to support you. Start taking care of them by moving your body. You may consider practicing yoga or just going for a jog. You get to clear your mind by practicing meditation. Most of all these are activities you can simply start as you feel like and there are no rules.

We’ve got a lot of content about meditation, everything from guided meditations to meditating with music that you can dive into.

22.  Learn About New Topics

Have you ever been so intrigued by a topic that you read everything there was to know about it? The discovery phase is so incredibly fun. Learning never has to stop. You might have finished college or high-school years ago and are comfortably set in your career path, but learning new things can still be handy. You might consider taking up a new subject for studying or earning advanced level certification for what you already majored in graduation.  

23.  Read Books

Books can literally take you to places you’ve never been to. Getting lost in the pages of a good book is a terrific way to relax and nourish your mind at the same time. If you’re anything like me you might let life get in the way of your imagination a bit too often. When exploring things to do by yourself never forget that reading is an excellent option.

24.  Write Thank You Notes

Writing letters to friends and family and expressing your appreciation for them can be incredibly therapeutic. It can instantly focus you on feel-good positive thoughts and it can also bring you closer to the people you care about. You don’t even need to actually send them if you don’t want to. The mere act of writing them is enough to feel amazing and improve your relationships.

25. People Watching

This one may be one of my most favorite things to do by myself. And, it’s never judgmental, it’s just interesting. There’s so much variety in people and when you observe others for a little while you come to understand that quite quickly. You’ll see hopeful faces, determined body language, cute couples young and old, kids driving their parents crazy and the list goes on. You’ll feel more connected and a part of humanity in a present way as opposed to just digitally.

26.  Take Yourself On A Date

Another favorite of mine is grabbing my kindle reader, heading to a good restaurant, grabbing a table in the corner and just chillin’. When I’m eating by myself I can order whatever appetizer I want without compromise, I can take my time and focus on my book and meal, and I can leave whenever I’m ready. If you want to take yourself to dinner, pick the place you’ve been wanting to go that gets vetoed by others.

27.  Clean Out Your Closet

Are you a creature of habit who has a crap ton of clothing but only really wears a handful of outfits? Are you hanging on to clothes because you might have a reason to wear them one day? What about all those clothes with the tags still on. Pour a glass of wine, sit on your closet floor and consider donating or repurposing some of your unworn clothes.

Cleaning out your closet is also a great activity to do by yourself because it can take an incredible amount of time. But, you get to rediscover what you have and even find old articles of clothing that you thought were lost forever.

28.  Take A Long-Hot Bath

Get pruny in a long-hot bath. Prepare the bath with all of your essentials. When I do set aside time to take a calm bath rather than just showering I grab my iPad and queue a show to watch. I light my candles. I pour essential oils, bath bomb, and epsom salt into the basin. I turn off the bathroom light but leave the hallway light on and I grab my exfoliants. When I reemerge my skin feels like a baby’s and I’m ready for bed.

29.  Stargaze

Spend time just staring at the wondrous night sky. Whenever I take a moment to gaze at the sky and see the moon and stars I feel instantly a part of something much bigger and miraculous. I’m reminded that if the earth can turn on its axis day after day like clockwork that my day to day issues surely have resolutions.

30.  Rearrange Your House

Personalizing your own space provides a great sense of empowerment to yourself. Whether you want to repaint the walls or change the floor tiles, do it yourself at your own pace! Men also seem to do the same with their cars, which might explain why they’re so obsessed over their rides all the time!

So that’s our list of ideas! What are some other activities we could have added? Leave your contributions in the comments!

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