The Power of I AM Affirmations

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I AM affirmations are so powerful because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment.

You create your reality with your thoughts, focus, and feelings. Your feelings send vibrations into the universe and by the law of attraction, you receive more experiences that make you feel more of those feelings. When I first learned about the law of attraction I felt this immense feeling of relief. Growing up I thought that life was a crap shoot and that "you get what you get". I felt relief about learning that I was in charge of everything in my life because I wasn't happy with what I was "getting." Learning about the law of attraction meant that I could change the trajectory of my life and that I could have everything I ever wanted.

Limiting Beliefs and Law of Attraction

I said more times than I can count that "money and success come easily to me, but not love."  I said that limiting statement so many times that it became a limiting belief. As a result, I held on to deep feelings of lack and challenge regarding love. I felt that people had callings and that if you're called to have a certain life then you just would.  I concluded that some women had easier paths entering balanced-loving relationships and some just didn't. I would always have a full professional life and an empty love life, it was already decided. Then I went through my major moment of clarity which opened my eyes to how life truly works. It was my "aha" moment and I quickly figured out that my self-defeating mindset was inaccurate. My fate wasn't carved in stone. My life is created by every feeling I hold about every desire I have. What I'd discovered was this invisible force called The Law of Attraction.


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I AM Positive Affirmations

I had two different beliefs about success and love. Since I didn't have limiting beliefs about money and success I attracted both of them easily. It seemed that despite my circumstances I was always in a good place financially and professionally. I have been offered promotions even when I didn't want them. I've received random checks in the mail for thousands of dollars. Debts were always paid off easily and quickly. I always have enough money for my wants and needs and it was all because I truly believed that "money and success come to me easily." Unknowingly, I was going through life describing myself as a money magnet and therefore I became a money magnet.

My "aha" moment led me to so many points of clarity, one of those being the cycle of attraction. Understanding the cycle of attraction is like conceptualizing the riddle of The Chicken or The Egg, which comes first? When it comes to law or attraction, thoughts come first.

I'd been saying my entire adult life that money and success came easily to me so I felt it. I received confirming circumstances that made me feel thoughts were accurate. On the other hand, I had negative thoughts about love and the experiences I had, as a result, lined up with my thoughts. It was not that I needed to fix my actions, it was that if I fixed how I defined myself to myself my actions would come into alignment with the new-fresh-loving way that I perceived myself. That's when I learned that what I think about myself is more important than my actions because my actions are merely the result of what I think about myself.

The cycle

Thoughts = Feelings = Matching Experiences = Confirmation of Thoughts = Beliefs = Matching Experiences =  Stronger Beliefs = Matching Experiences = Even Stronger Beliefs and so on...

Law of attraction doesn't discern what's good and bad for you. If you say "I am so depressed," law of attraction doesn't step in and say "she doesn't need to feel any lower about herself, let me throw her something uplifting" law of attraction simply operates like the machine it is and sends you more things that match how you feel. 

You have to be the person who discerns what makes you feel good and what doesn't. Then you have to decide to make a conscious decision to align with what makes you feel good. Law of attraction is working no matter what you do. Therefore, your best recourse is to use it to your advantage.

We have this false belief that there is such thing as "rock bottom," and there isn't. There is no bottom to how low you can feel and the negative experiences that you can attract. Likewise, there is no ceiling to how high you can go, and the number of positive experiences you can attract. Life is expansive in every direction and the only limits you perceive are the ones tied to your beliefs.

There are people who grew up intuitively understanding that how they felt was important and that life was better spent being happy and optimistic. Likewise, there are people like me who grew up thinking that life was one big test of good and bad things being thrown at you. The truth is that the only tests in life are the ones we give ourselves.

List of I AM Affirmations

Your beliefs are just thoughts that you feel are confirmed. By reciting I AM affirmations as a daily practice you can quickly move away from the limiting beliefs that you hold. Since the Law of Attraction is constantly working you will begin to have experiences that align with the new more loving way feel about yourself and thus you'll develop loving beliefs about yourself. You will find that money flows to more easily, that you have better interactions with difficult people, and that you begin to date people who have the qualities that you desire.

Sit and think about the aspects that you love about yourself or about the things you aspire to be. Close your eyes and say aloud:

"I am _____"  and feel it.

Feeling an "I AM Affirmation" is the most important part of the act because the feeling is what starts the cycle of you receiving the amazing things you desire.

I AM Affirmation Card Deck

To help you make affirmation statements a regular practice I created the I AM affirmation card deck. They're 30 beautifully designed cards with powerful I AM statements that affirm your awesomeness. They're small enough in size that you can take them anywhere with you. You can keep them on your dresser, in your bag, on your work desk, or in your car. To use the cards you shuffle the deck and draw one card to read it aloud. Read one card aloud everyday or you can use them as needed by shuffling the deck and pulling a card in the moment.


Take the time to deliberately define who you are, do it before you start your day, do it when you need reminding, just do it and watch your life become what you desire.

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