"I AM" Affirmation Cards Deck | 30 Affirmation Cards For Self-Love!

"I AM" Affirmation Cards Deck | 30 Affirmation Cards For Self-Love!


30 beautifully designed positive I AM affirmation cards with powerful I AM affirmations that affirm your amazing qualities.

Negative self-talk sucks. But, like any habit that doesn’t serve your well-being, with practice you can make major improvements. "I AM" Affirmation Cards will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good.

"I am" is the most powerful phrase you can speak because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment. So strive every day to reaffirm how incredible you are. And, allow I AM Affirmation Cards to be tools that remind you or your loved ones of those amazing qualities. These affirmation cards are capable of doing just that as the messages are extremely heartfelt and positive.

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  • 30 Card Deck

  • Smooth Card Stock, Gloss Finish, Carefully Shrink-Wrapped

  • Dimensions: 2.75'' x 4.75"

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Who Are These Affirmation Cards The Best For? 

Everyone! However, they make excellent affirmation cards for teenagers and adults as some of the words require an intermediate vocabulary.

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

11 Ways To Use This Affirmation Cards Deck

1.    Draw A Card At Random

Shuffle the deck,  draw one card and read it aloud to yourself before you start your day. What you might find when you use your affirmation cards this way is that you see the theme of whatever affirmation card you pulled throughout your day. For example, you might pull I AM Bold and then find yourself being more direct and open about your needs and desires, whether in your professional or personal life.

2.    Use Them As Daily Affirmation Cards

This affirmation cards deck contains 30 cards with unique message so you have the option to use them as daily affirmation cards as well. These cards were created with versatility in mind, so you get to use each number as a guide for which card to read for the day.

3.    Use Them As Affirmation Oracle Cards

Affirmation cards are personal, you have the freedom to choose how you relate to the I AM affirmations. That said, many people enjoy using these affirmation cards as affirmation oracle cards and combining them with spiritual readings. Check out our second edition of affirmation cards which have a more affirmation oracle feel.

4.    Share Positive Affirmations With Friends & Family

We’ve received feedback from our affirmation card lovers that a favorite way to enjoy these cards is by snapping pictures and sharing messages with friends and family via text message and social media. There’s no sense in hoarding good feelings when they can be shared with the ones you love!

5.    Recite These Affirmation Cards As A Mantra

Mantra meditation has increased in popularity over the years because of how it incorporates intention into a meditation. To practice mantra meditation you choose a mantra to recite, like a specific affirmation card from your deck, while focusing on the words and your breath. Although meditating with your eyes closed is more common and more widely depicted, meditating with your eyes open is also an option. This makes choosing a card to focus on easy to accomplish although you can also memorize your favorite cards and recite them with eyes closed.

If you particularly enjoy the idea of an affirmation mediation, you should download our I AM Everything™ Affirmation Meditation which is based on these affirmations.

6.    Decorate With Affirmation Cards

Decorate Your Work Desk

One of the most applicable places to keep your affirmation cards is, you guessed it, work. If you can, display these affirmation cards around your desk or office. For moments when you may feel frustrated or upset display your affirmation cards for healthy reminders that you are an incredible person and are worthy of success.

Decorate A Locker

These affirmation cards are great for teenagers as well, especially as they embark on life transitions. What better decorations for the inside of a locker than affirmations that provide a quick mood reset after a tough exam.

7.    Store Them Where They’ll Be Most Helpful

One of our customers mentioned that she bought a deck for her mother and one day she was at her mother’s house when she went to open a kitchen cabinet and found that taped inside were our I AM Affirmation Cards. The location of the affirmation cards was obviously an intentional and personal decision for her mother and you can apply the same thought process as she did. Put your affirmation cards where they will be most helpful for you to see. Oftentimes this place can be a mirror but it can be anywhere from a food cabinet to your nightstand.

8.    Make Affirmation Card Art

If you have an affinity for DIY art you can make a collage out of these affirmation cards and create a piece that is both loving and unique to gift to friends and family.

9.    Give Them Away As Gifts

While sharing images of affirmation cards is fantastic and a simple way to share good feelings with the people you care about, the connection to affirmations is a personal one. Giving friends and family their own decks is a thoughtful gift that they’re sure to appreciate especially for major life transitions like graduations, pregnancy, marriage, and divorce.

10.  Provide Them To Employees

Self-care is so important and showing employees that you care about their mental well-being demonstrates leading edge leadership. In fact, some of our largest customers are women’s sports coaches who understand the power of thought and words as motivational tools.

11. Provide Them To Clients

Much of the positive feedback we’ve received regarding our I AM  affirmation cards has been from mental health professionals who incorporate our affirmation cards into behavioral therapy practices.

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