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“Why I Wear Makeup” - According To 10 Women

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

Let’s talk about makeup. Why do we wear the stuff in the first place? For me, there are so many reasons. It’s not just a matter of smearing expensive creams and pore minimizers on my face to be pretty or presentable. I wear the deliciously scented products because it makes me feel beautiful; that’s not to say I don’t feel beautiful without it-- don’t get so carried away. But makeup makes me feel like the best and most fun version of myself. It kind of puts me into a character-- like I’m someone else yet also myself. I don’t know if that makes sense, but for me, that’s definitely the best way to describe it.

Growing up, I wasn’t even allowed to touch makeup. I went through little phases as I got older though: way too much eyeliner, not enough concealer, too much contour, unlined red lipstick bleeding off my lips, you name it-- I did it badly. I was terrible at applying my makeup for just a little while though; I learned quickly. Shortly after my 21st birthday, I began to focus more, watching Youtubers, finding neat little tips and tricks. I really fell in love with how my makeup made me feel. I liked the way it allowed me to turn my own intensity up and down, depending on my mood. It was as though I was a “better” version of myself with my face on, even though I knew I was beautiful without it too.

Makeup’s origins stemming all the way back to ancient Egypt. Both men and women throughout the years have worn makeup to signify nobility and class, to intensify beauty, and even to demonstrate power. We all have our own reasons for both wearing and not wearing makeup, and here are the voices of 10 women to explain why makeup/no makeup looks help them feel like their best selves.



Why do I wear makeup? Well for one, it’s my me-time. I love my morning routine of applying makeup. It relaxes me and makes me want to take on the world. I also love it because I can enhance different versions of me by my makeup look. Overall it boosts my confidence.
— Nicole Gangi

It doesn’t take much to understand where Gangi is coming from. Makeup takes time and effort, and I can heavily relate to the me-time. I sing my heart out when doing my makeup.



I don’t wear much makeup anymore. I like to let my skin breathe and find that wearing less makeup helps with acne. I can recognize that I’m beautiful without it but I feel like it just enhances all my features and that’s what I love about makeup. Also, no one ever really talks about the process but getting dolled up and listening to music is extremely relaxing so sometimes I do my makeup as well because it just makes me happy.
— Rothschild Dort
I wear makeup to feel more confident and match what I wear. I mostly wear it when I go to work or go out. It helps cover blemishes if I’m breaking out and even out my skin’s complexion. I don’t wear makeup sometimes because my skin is sensitive, and it is good to give it a break from the products in makeup. Makeup also takes time to do, so if I’m in a rush I won’t even attempt to put it on.
— Nixida Figueroa

We don’t always have perfect skin, but makeup can help us feel better about our little imperfections. Not wearing makeup is beautiful, no matter our blemishes, but makeup helps us feel just a bit more ourselves.

It’s like painting, but on your face and there are so many things you can do; it’s so fun. Wearing makes me feel confident, and it helps me hide those imperfections that we all have. When I do my makeup with my girls, it’s such a bonding moment. I love when we talk about products or when we do each other’s makeup; it makes me happy.
— Nahomy Nunez
I enjoy putting makeup on and using my favorite beauty products because it makes me feel great. When I feel as if I did a good job it brightens up my day a bit. Overall, knowing I have my makeup on gives me a bit more energy and pep in my step!
— Jackie Penico

Penico’s lashes are some of the longest I have ever seen (courtesy of great genes and incredible mascaras) and accompanying her big, blue eyes, you can’t really go wrong. She actually taught me how to do a lot of my makeup in college, and I can 100 percent agree that makeup puts the pep in my step.

I wear makeup because it helps enhance features to be bolder, it helps me with confidence at times and I love the art of doing makeup in general. There are so many different styles you can try, which allows your makeup to personal and unique to you.
— Aniya Lewis


Okay, I feel like there’s a certain relationship people need to have with makeup. Like, my goal is to never be dependent on it. so wearing makeup can be super empowering (especially when it comes out well— like, wow I did full glam, and I am a model) but the process of doing makeup is really nice because it gives me a chance to be creative in a way that doesn’t just apply to eyeshadow looks, but I can also play around with natural makeup. With that being said though, I think it’s important for myself to realize I’m just as beautiful without makeup and that I don’t need it to feel pretty; that means if I don’t have time to put any on, I don’t get suddenly insecure about myself. When I was in my freshman year of college, I literally couldn’t leave my dorm without some sort of makeup on because I felt ugly without it. Now I feel like I’ve really balanced out being okay with putting on tons of makeup, but also okay with going natural.
— Reagan Cosper
Why I do use makeup: I personally have a lot of professional events that come up that require me to get my makeup done, and I HATE getting my makeup done professionally. First, it’s $50-65 to apply makeup on for an event that ONLY to wash it off after 3-4 hours. Also, I don’t like when people do my make up because I’m really picky. To avoid having to pay for that, I try to practice doing makeup on my face as much as possible, so I can do my own makeup for my events as opposed to spending money having someone else do it and risking not even liking it. Also, after a long night of studying or working or not being able to sleep, I get terrible bags under my eyes. Concealer does magic. I think makeup is so much fun! It’s an artistic way to express yourself.
— Diamond Cunningham

Cunningham’s reasons for using makeup are ones that any business woman in today’s world can relate to. It is so much better to know your own skin and what looks best on you than to always have your looks applied by someone else. It leads to growth and adaptation of styles best suited to you and what better way to look fierce as heck.



I only wear makeup when I feel like elevating my look and being noticed. It simply makes me feel sexier. Now don’t get me wrong I know I’m cute without makeup too. And actually, that is my daily look. A clean face with maybe a little mascara still makes me feel like a hot mama. That’s what I love as far as makeup goes. Also, makeup every day for me is a hassle and takes time out of my daily routine— I feel just as sexy without a ton of it on.
— Ashle Lopez

Lopez knows she is gorgeous and just uses makeup to take her looks to the next level. That’s a really healthy way of doing things, and I can’t help but relate. A fresh face with a dash of mascara-- just like she says-- is one of the best day-to-day looks in my experience.



My experience with makeup starting in 7th grade when my mom started allowing me to wear mascara. Through high school and early college, I started playing with more makeup— foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and I even had a horrendous lipstick phase. Starting in my later college years, I started wearing less makeup and sometimes going days without it. I still, at the age I am now, wear makeup some days and I enjoy it. However, I wear way less than 19-year-old Annie would have. The most makeup I wear now is foundation powder, blush, some neutral eyeshadow, and mascara. My story comes full circle though because mascara is my very favorite makeup item, and it’s the first one I fell in love with! When I wear makeup now, I feel like I’m dressing up and looking good, but I truly feel less like me. When I wear very light makeup or even nothing, I feel the best
— Annie Schneider

Of all the differences between these women, from skin type to hair color, three things stand out to me most in the reasons we both wear and don’t wear makeup.

  1. It boosts our confidence.

  2. Mascara is a longtime favorite.

  3. We don’t need makeup to feel beautiful.

Women wear makeup not because we feel we need to, but because we want to. We are raised to use it for elevating and intensifying our looks, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We love each other, we love our products, and we love ourselves. Makeup brings womankind together both when we do and don’t use it. I think that’s pretty powerful.