4 Stylish Activewear Brands More Affordable Than Lululemon

stylish activewear

If you love to workout, and love to look good while you're doing it, check out these activewear brands that won't wreck your wallet.


Old Navy - Average Sports Bra ($20) / Average Leggings ($30)

Old Navy wins on price and style. Their activewear line is all about bright-happy colors and fun patterns. They offer a similar shopping style as lululemon where you select your style options based upon your preferred style of exercise. For example, if running is your exercise of choice, then your sports bra will require more support than if you're needing sports bras to primarily lift in. Old Navy's activewear line gets somewhat mixed reviews, but if your main priority is price, then it doesn't get much more affordable.

Who This Is Perfect For: This brand is rated E for everyone, it's extremely affordable and is jam packed with fun colors. It's surprisingly difficult to find a vast array of activewear is colors other than black, grey or blue.

stylish activewear target

Target - Average Sports Bra ($20)  / Average Leggings ($35)

Target's activewear line has always been a huge favorite. First they do a very good job of recreating the designs of more expensive brand name activewear lines, for a lower cost.  For example, the black legging with mesh chevron detail is a very cute and quite popular style. To get this same style at lululemon you'll spend easily $100. Instead, you can get the same chevron detailed style at target for $35. Your wallet will rejoice. Their designs are also durable. I've personally purchased and worn the same Target activewear clothing for years now without complaint.

Who This Is Perfect For: This brand is rated E for everyone as well. It's easily accessible if you have a target in your area or don't mind shopping online. Also Target's exchange/return policy is very forgiving if you're trying to find the perfect fit.

stylish activewear by under armour
stylish activewear under armour

Under Armour- Average Sports Bra ($35) / Average Leggings ($55)

Under Armour is a fitness industry standard and has been in the activewear game since 1996. They've consistently re-crafted their designs to keep up with latest trends and have some incredibly cute styles. Their activewear for women is quite affordable and they receive solid product ratings for quality, durability and fit.

Who This Is Perfect For:  E for everyone, whether you're into yoga, running, or strength training, Under Armour is a fitness industry staple and their new designs are both affordable and stylish.

revolution run racerback stylish activewear

LucyAverage Sports Bra ($50) / Average Leggings ($90)

Lucy is approaching lululemon price territory, but not quite.  They're known specifically for their leggings and the reputation of their durability. Their design team is the definition of woman power, comprised completely of women of all body types. They offer sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, making sure to be inclusive of all body types.  Also, if you're vertically challenged, you don't need to worry about getting their leggings hemmed as Lucy offers sizes specifically for you as well.

Who This Is Perfect For: You're all about finding leggings that fit you perfectly.