The Women's Athleisure Brands Fit Girls Are Shopping Right Now




Fashion has gone sustainable. Everywhere we look, brands like ReformationMadewell, and various boho brands have taken steps to reduce waste customary to the fashion industry. At this point, if your brand can't tout its eco-friendly operations, fashion girls will consider you a non-starter. 

Sustainability isn't the only facelift the fashion industry has undergone lately. Modern style lovers require more than eco-friendly practices, size-inclusivity and brands that promote body positivity are a must.

Once fashion brands stepped up to the plate, it was the athleisure brand and activewear brand's turn for a renaissance. Athleisure and workout clothing has to fit and feel good on. And, we're busy, so workout clothes need to be fully functional but stylish. Here are the "cool girl" athleisure brands making waves right now for their dope styles, comfort, and conscious efforts. 


1. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is the women's athleisure brand focused on sustainability and body inclusivity with plus size workout clothes available up to 6XL. What's important is that their plus-size options aren't a separate collection. They're sized-up versions of the same cute and comfortable styles. 

Girlfriend offers the "ReGirlfriend" upcycle program which allows you to recycle your old leggings for a credit towards a new pair. Not only do you save money of fresh leggings, but your old leggings are recycled into new pairs. So, by staying loyal to the Girlfriend athleisure brand, you're directly involved in fashion sustainability.

Girlfriend's workout clothes are best described as minimal-chic. They don't experiment with patterns much, and their typical color palette feels Mediterranean with rich earth tones. So, Girlfriend is the perfect brand for fashion girls who love an understated look. These workout clothes are best styled with a pair of white sneakers and your gorgeous smile.

Get the Honey Compressive High-Rise Leggings for $68 and the Dahlia Gazelle Short for $55.


2. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an athleisure brand through and through. Until recently, they exclusively crafted cute activewear best for casual wear, yoga, and other low-intensity workouts. Basically, any activity that didn't cause you to sweat profusely was best suited for Outdoor Voices. Last year, they launched their Tech Sweat collection meant to outfit women who prefer a rigorous workout. 

According to Outdoor Voice's Women's Design Director, Alexa Day Silva, "the fabric used for Tech Sweat is treated with moisture management technology, meaning it pulls sweat away from your body and onto the outside of the material." "This keeps you dry and comfortable during sweaty activities," said Silva. Silva's recommendation is to sport Outdoor Voice's Tech Sweat collection for summer runs in the heat, hot yoga, indoor cycling classes, and interval training.

Shop Outdoor Voices for their ever-growing collection of workout clothing styles for every girl's needs. Style their minimal-chic athleisure clothing with cheap chunky sneakers and a bomber jacket for a cute fall-transitional look. Or, sport their Tech Sweat gear for a sweat-inducing workout.

Get the Exercise Dress for $100 and the Freeform Unitard for $90.


3. Lululemon

Lululemon is the true "OG" when it comes to women's athleisure brands. Lululemon's emergence in the sportswear industry was disruptive because they were one of the first brands to create functional workout clothing that could be worn casually. Not only that, but their in-store experience offered a refreshing experience with in-house pant hemming and regular in-store yoga classes. Lululemon remains a main staple in the athleisure brand game, but newer brands are giving them a run for their money.

Get the Enlite Bra Weave for $98 and the Always On High-Rise Washed Tight for $118.


4. Nike

Nike's ability to stay on top of the latest trends is unmatched. Their brand is home to the most iconic sports collabs in history and they're notorious for developing collections with some of the trendiest celebs on the planet. Nike knows athleisure. It's been their namesake for years.

While newer athleisure brands are adopting a minimal-chic aesthetic, Nike is extending its brand image with lively colors and cool patterns that feel very urban. Also, their collection of apparel is huge. You can shop every piece of athleisure clothing known to (wo)man. Cute sneakers, chic sports bras, functional leggings with cool designs, pullover jackets, windbreaker pants are all at your fingertips.

Get the Women's Printed Fleece Crew for $80 and the Women's Woven Plaid Pants for $90.


5. Puma

Thanks to Puma's recent collabs, like their partnership with Rihanna, the brand has been able to birth a new ultra-cool image. The Puma brand remains ever-fresh in our minds as they find new ways to design the coolest casual sneakers ever. If you love an interesting look, then Puma's RS-X sneaker line is your style jam. Puma is the athleisure brand for hip trendsetters that love taking fashion risks.

Get the RS-X Unexpected Mixes Women’s Sneakers for $110 and the Classic Women’s Dress for $100.


6. Reebok

No list of athleisure brands is complete without mentioning Reebok. Like Nike and Puma, Reebok smartly collabs with the hottest celebs like Victoria Beckham and Cardi B. They're constantly reimagining athletic clothing that not only looks good but fits extremely well. 

Reebok is also a constant source of retro styles. The affordable dad shoes you've been seeing everyone wear? Yeah, those are Reebok's Aztrek line inspired by the 90s. Let's not forget about Reebok's Lisa Frank collab, an awesome throwback campaign with sneakers designed to mimic our doodled Lisa Frank notebooks. On this list, Reebok is easily the most "hipster" of athleisure brands by always finding interesting ways to appeal to the millennial. 

Ge the VB Cropped Hoodie for $250 and the LES MILLS® French Terry Shorts for $50.


7. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a London-based athleisure brand that features functional activewear with fun designs. Fit girls shop Sweaty Betty for their super comfortable workout clothing and commitment to empowering women.

Get the Arc Knot Crop Workout T-Shirt for $60 and the High Shine High-Waisted Leggings for $95.


8. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a yoga-first women's athleisure brand. Their collection of workout gear is all about being worn "from the studio to the street." So, Alo Yoga is your destination for cute crops, leggings, and sweaters that look chic on the go. Alo Yoga crafts similar chic styles for every body type. They also carry a plus-size collection that includes cute styles up to size 18.

If you're familiar with Alo Yoga, it's likely because of their insane Instagram presence that includes a network of dozens of yoga Instagram influencers. Beyond that, Alo Yoga appears to be quite the favorite among celebrity trendsetters like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner. Alo Yoga is the activewear brand for the fit girl who prefers a good yoga flow to other fitness activities.

Get the Siren Long Sleeve for $74 and the Axis Pant for $118.


9. Carbon 38

Carbon 38 makes our list of athleisure brands as the one that's arguably the most high-fashion. Carbon 38's designs are runway-ready, yet wearable and feature super sexy details like sheer elements and shiny materials. Much of the luxury brand's pricing is comparable to other high-end athleisure lines, but they do offer some premium-priced items that are best described as investment pieces. Still, you won't find athletic wear anywhere else that looks quite like Carbon 38's. This activewear brand is for the fit girl that loves statement pieces, no matter the environment.

Get the Cami Bra for $58 and the High Waisted 7/8 Length Takara Legging for $105.


10. Fabletics

Fabletics is Kate Hudson's athleisure brand and co-creation. Unlike other athleisure brands on our list, Fablestics' sales model is a unique subscription-based shopping experience. On the promise that you'll save significantly off of retail prices, you sign up for a monthly membership where workout clothes arrive at your door. Fabletics is the destination for fit girls that refuse to settle down with anyone pair of leggings. Just don't forget about your membership; you'll be charged until you cancel.

Get The Grip Pocket Tote for $80 and the High-Waisted Statement Motion 365 Short for $60.

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