I Tried The Kim Kardashian Boob Lift Hack: Did It Work?

boob lift tape


This past week I attended an alumni ball in Washington, DC and had a blast! Although, the more interesting part of this story comes in when I was gown shopping. I came across a style dilemma that I thought I’d share with you.

I don’t have those super perky, dancing on air type boobs and I have never been known to wear anything that doesn't give my ladies full support. Certain bathing suits, tops, and of course, Super Low V Cuts are a “No, No” for me. And trust me, I am not saying I don’t like the way my boobs look. They are one of my favorite body parts actually! Personally, I just don’t like the way they lay in some cleavage-revealing tops. Many women share this same sentiment and shy away from low cuts because it makes them uncomfortable. There are plenty of cute substitutes that give me the support and keep my ladies in check so it has never bothered me too much to have to stay away from Low Vs...

That is until as I was gown shopping for the ball and I spotted the “Alexina” Dress from House of CB. This black satin fringed maxi dress mixed elegance, sexy, and edge into this one sleek gown. And the fringe on this gown was EVERYTHING. I had to have it! But, the cut was so low. I started thinking of my past woes of not being totally comfortable in similar cut pieces but found myself arriving at the same conclusion: There has to be a way I can still wear that dress! I went into a semi-deep dive on google to search “low v support”, “boob lifts”, and “cute cleavage”.
I discovered many cool tips and tricks but the most intriguing was called the “Kim Kardashian Boob Hack”. My first reaction was “Kim K does what?”. I knew that she is a master of beauty and style hacks but I did not know she did also felt the need to give herself a little lift too.

Basically, you can use regular packing tape or duct tape to give yourself undetectable under boob support and make your boobs look like they sit perfectly under any Low V top. So, you're telling me I can have a whole boob job without going under the knife, months of healing, and it won’t cost more than $3.00 (less than that because I already had tape in the kitchen)! I was too thrilled but actual tape stuck to your skin

I took a leap of faith and decided to buy the dress and give the Kim K Boob Hack a try. Here's my REAL experience on just how well it worked:

I did a practice run with a semi-low cut dress I had at home, that I typically finagle with a bra. I used clear packing tape and put three strips under each boob. Also, I made sure to make the strips long enough to reach the slit of my armpit on my back just because I wanted maxim stayage. I was pleasantly surprised that it held up well, it didn't feel super uncomfortable, and you would never have been able to tell it was there because it laid flat on my skin. Only thing I had an issue with was taking it off. Pain is beauty, right? Oh, so much pain. A friend suggested grabbing Baby Oil to assist the take-off process, {Tip 1}.

Once my dress arrived, I tried it on initially without the tape just to get an idea of how my boobs would sit normally. Not horrible, but still not the look I was trying to pull off.

boob lift tape

Once I added the tape and put the dress back on I had the perfect amount of lift. However, this dress is shoulder revealing and I could still see tape sneaking out from the side of the straps. Would have to fix that. Also, if I relaxed my shoulders the front of the dress would slightly lean to the side and give a little nip slip! Would have to find a fix for that too.

The night of the ball was like a full-blown project. Scissors were used to cut the tape slightly where it laid on my shoulders so it could be fully hidden under the straps, {Tip 2}. Then I bought double sided tape to lay closer to my nipple so I could secure the front, {Tip 3}. I couldn't have done any of this without the assistance of my wonderful date and boyfriend, who was in charge of precisely cutting the tape and was on #NipSlipWatch the whole night. Kind of a funny way to rekindle our flame this summer.



I looked amazing the first half of the night! No one could tell that my boobs were wrapped up like Christmas gifts under my dress and I didn't feel restricted at all like I didn't have the freedom to move my arms around if need be.  But I ran into an issue later. I wanted to dance, and dance I did! Maybe right after my attempt at the #ShiggyChallenge when “In My Feelings” came on I could definitely feel the tape slowly losing its grip. And before the end of the night, the tape was so insecure that I went into the bathroom and just ripped it off! Pretty disappointing but I couldn't help but laugh. I really enjoyed myself and for most of the night, I looked pretty good. The Ball was almost over so we decided to just call the Uber and make our way home at that point. I did take some pretty dope pictures before the rip off fiasco anyway.


Try it! Definitely give it a go once to see the magic but make sure you're equipped. I had to bring along scissors, baby oil, and double-sided tape. As she said in the video, athlete’s tape or medical tape may be better on the skin, so I recommend trying that if you know you have sensitive skin. Finally, if you think you're gonna be dancing all night like I did I would figure out how to get an extra layer of security or just opt for a bra designed for this type of dress (I could have done that too but I like challenges).

boob lift tape diy

Comment below if this is a hack you might try! I can answer any questions about my experience if that helps. Also, let me know if you want more style hack experiences! I will be happy to be your personal style tester.