15 Stores Like Pottery Barn With Home Decor That’s Sinfully Good




I’m a real proponent of quality furniture that’ll stand the test of time. So, naturally, I hold a special place in my heart for Pottery Barn. But Pottery Barn doesn’t just want your heart. They want to inhabit every room in your home as well. To do that, Pottery Barn crafts a collection of decor that covers an incredibly wide style aesthetic making sure to capture your interests, no matter which mood is dominating your momentary tastes. If you’re feeling moody and brooding, (only the chic sort of brooding of course) Pottery Barn carries furniture stained with deep-rich wood tones and gold accents for a regal touch to match. Or, you can easily find lush pastel upholstered furniture, and light area rugs to reflect your openness and optimism.

While Pottery Barn is totally the industry leader in mid-century home furnishings, there are loads of similar online stores like Pottery Barn that are carving out their space in the Home Decor world. Many of them have incredibly interesting brand stories and missions and others have their own fast-growing cult followings (I’m looking at you Anthropologie). No matter the reason for wanting to branch out and explore more options, empowering yourself with variety is always a good thing.


1. The Citizenry

First on our list of stores like Pottery Barn is The Citizenry. I’m particularly excited about including them because their story is incredible and their pieces aren’t mass-produced. You can be sure that when your guests inevitably complement your decor that you’ll be able to tell them that quantities are limited.

The-Citizenry designers personally travel to influential countries and work with local artisans to craft pieces out of local materials. They then bring those pieces online and that’s how they’re able to offer small-batch handmade and globally inspired pieces from Portugal, Morocco, Peru, Chile and more at prices that don’t break the bank.

Get the Plaza Tabletop Mirror for $195 and the Rosewood Savu Chair for $825.


2. Lulu & Georgia

There’s no better way to describe Lulu & Georgia than “a breath of fresh air.” Seriously, their designs are classically mid-century, which is why they made this list of stores like Pottery Barn, but they really capitalize on colors and details that feel open and airy.

Lulu & Georgia have more than just mid-century styles in common with Pottery Barn. They too seek to creep into every room in your home which is why they offer everything from kitchenware to outdoor furniture and for affordable prices.

Get the Justina Blakeney Fela Tassel Chandelier for $207 and the Distressed Trysta Dining Chair for $400.


3. Horne

Horne makes the list of stores like Pottery Barn as a go-to home decor retailer for designer pieces that feel incredibly sophisticated. Their sourced designs and brands all meld together perfectly to demonstrate a cohesive Scandinavian and minimalism inspired aesthetic. They partner with well-known high-end brands like Skagerak, Oeuf, and Bloom but they also feature up and coming designers with bright futures.

Get the Bruno Bed for $3,800 and the Simple Bedside Table for $2,995.


4. Yliving

Like Pottery Barn, YLiving carries an incredible amount of home decor items for your browsing pleasure. Touting over 16,000 items at any one time and from brands like Alessi, Missoni, and Herman Miller Yliving is a low-key powerhouse in the design space.

Yliving’s selection is large enough to provide infinite inspiration but also ensuring that once you know what you’re looking for that you can get your hands on it, and with free shipping no less.

Get the Modloft George Mirror for $499 and the Exeter Glass Dining Table for $2,526.


5. Modshop

Shop Modshop when you’re feeling “too much” and need your space to reflect that same mood. Everything at Modshop is tastefully over-the-top and I can’t get enough of it. True to its name, Modshop’s design aesthetic is influenced by a glitz and glamour 60’s mod style and Hollywood Regency Glamour look. One need only to take a peek at their pieces to notice their investment in lacquered finishes and gold details.

Modshop differs widely from Pottery Barn in the design arena. But, that’s a good thing because every single Modshop item is inherently a statement piece that would work well supported by a more subdued midcentury style that you’d find at Pottery Barn. Modshop and Pottery Barn could be best buds in your home. That said, Modshops pricing is quite similar to Pottery Barn meaning quality items and mid-tier prices.

Get the Buenos Aires 3-Door Credenza for $2,621 and the Camel Wall Art for $262.


6. Parachute

Parachute makes our list of stores like Pottery Barn due to its selection of mid-century modern home accessories. Parachute really focuses more on items that add detail to your space, the things that make a house feel like a home. They tout their ability to do a damn good job crafting “premium quality sheets, towels, robes, rugs and all things soft and wonderful.” Parachute’s bedding and linens are manufactured in Italy and come in 5 color families, white, ash, navy blue, and slate.

Although Parachute feels more like an accessories-first brand, they totally have an impeccably designed selection of bohemian furniture. In terms of cost, Parachute is incredibly affordable for the quality of furnishings they offer, making their items highly accessible.

Get the Handmade Wood Side Table for $489 and dog bed for $129.


7. ABC Carpet & Home

If you love Pottery Barn’s vast selection then you’re going to lose it over ABC Carpet & Home, seriously, you make get lost. They have a massive inventory brimming with the most interesting conversation starter home furnishings. From incredible orb lighting that casts dream-like hues throughout your space to consciously-designed plush sofas of every style variety, it’s all at ABC Carpet and Home.

Get the Cobble Hill Boutique Ottoman for $695 and the Flos Superloon Floor Lamp For $3,995.


8. Overstock.com

Get the Chance Upholstered Fabric Sofa for $980 and the Madison Park Avalon Coffee Table for $260


9. Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is another home decor retailer you shop if your dream home is one fit for the big screen. Design Within Reach carries some pieces of the mid-century modern variety but their true aesthetic is modern. modern. modern.

Sleek lines, low heights, and rich colors define Design Within Reach’s iconic inventory and they’re ready for the person looking to outfit their dream home.

Get the Aura Small Media Unit for $1,595 and the Risom Desk for $1,995.


10. Joybird

Get the Arwen Bumper Chaise for $1,699 and Hazel Bookcase for $899.


11. Apt2b

Get the Solara Storage Coffee Table for $1,298 and Oxblood Newport Ottoman for $388.


12. Anthropologie

Anthropologie applied their expertise in all things bohemian to furniture and the industry hasn’t been the same. If you’ve shopped Anthropologie for their clothes or jewelry you know that the brand as a whole commands an impressive cult following that covers their home decor as well.

While Anthropologie’s staple design differs quite a bit from Pottery Barn the two retailers carry items that play nicely together and their pricing is quite similar.

Get the Lydia Pitcher for $38 and Lombok Bed for $2,698.


13. World Market

World Market isn’t as straight-forward decor shopping experience as Pottery Barn. Shopping with them feels a lot like a quest that inevitably ends in stumbling on a pretty good deal. This shopping experience likely has a lot to do with World Market’s beginnings.

World Market began as an import business run by a San Francisco businessman who traveled from city pier to city pier selling shiploads of hand-woven wicker. He would essentially dock, and unload his wares while locals gathered in a frenzy and loaded up on his finds as quickly as they could. There was no “order” but there were loads of quality pieces that people clamored to get their hands on. It’s actually a remarkable story.

Get the Xander Armchair for $350 and the 3-Tier Andre Rolling Cart for $150.


14. AllModern

Allmodern graces our list as an online modern home furnishings retailer with accessible pricing. Allmodern and Pottery Barn differ quite a bit in terms of aesthetic. While Pottery Barn is nestled snuggly in the world of mid-century modern designs Allmodern is more expansive carrying all sorts of styles. You can find not only mid-century styles but also Scandinavian, Minimalist, Bohemian, Industrial, and Farmhouse. Pottery Barn wants to live in every room of your home and Allmodern wants to live in every room in every home.

Get the Bynoe 6-Light Globe Chandelier for $420 and the Ivory Area Rug for $53


15. Jonathan Adler

For Jonathan Adler, the devil is truly in the details. Adler’s signature irreverent style is flush with bright-pastel colors and copper touches that scream “elegance” but not “stuffy.” Every single item in their selection makes a statement so the Jonathan Adler shopper is certainly someone who’s not afraid to take design risks. Their collections include everything from the most interesting chandeliers to ceramic vases shaped like a hand holding a waffle cone. I just can’t with them. Their pieces are truly works of art to behold and ones that’ll make you tell your guests to check their purses at the door if you catch my drift.

Get the Ether Chair for $1,750 and the Gilded Muse Dora Maar Urn for $425.