10 Lightweight Blankets PERFECT For Warm Nights & Movie Marathons

 lightweight blankets

Lightweight blankets are the perfect versatile companion for your lap.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than three consecutive minutes on my couch without being draped in a blanket. In fact, I’m not even sure I could even feel comfortable on my couch without a blanket to bury myself in. I wonder, what’s the psychology of such a benign home furnishing? Does it go back to my many weeks swaddled as an infant? Who knows.

What I’m certain of is that I need my sweet-soft cuddles. So much so, that I’d rather spend a night sleeping with one leg in and one leg out than lose the blanket altogether.

Personally, my perfect formula for binge-watching TV is a crappy t-shirt (they’re the comfiest), my dog on my right, cat on my left, and one of many blankets in my collection. Once my toes are tucked in, and my entire lower half is formed into a blanket burrito I can press play and spend the next thirteen hours of my life responding “yes, you fool!” when Netflix asks “are you still watching?”

I may sound crazy, but hear me out because I don’t think any of my binging activities would be possible without a good lightweight blanket. A big thick comforter just won’t do. Your thighs will start sticking together and you’ll be pitting out before the end of the first movie.

No, you need a lightweight blanket big enough to tuck over your toes and light enough to maintain an enjoyable body temperature. And, just one blanket simply won't cut it. If you have pets like I do, then you know that those filthy little crumb snatchers can take a linen-fresh scented blanket and make it smell like a bag of corn chips in a matter of days.

Beyond the couch, I’ve also been able to almost entirely transform my bedroom’s décor by just swapping in a new lightweight blanket rather than spending hundreds on a new comforter and duvet. Often, I feel like a crisp blanket looks more chic than a chunky comforter.

Between the couch, summertime, and decorative purposes there’s just so much versatility in a good cotton or linen lightweight blanket. Listen, I could go on and on about my love for lightweight blankets or I could give you what you came for. Below, are my picks for the absolute perfect lightweight blankets for warm nights and movie binges.

Chanasya Aqua Blue Microfiber Throw Blanket: Quality lightweight blanket with amazing texture



The Chansaya Aqua Blue Microfiber Throw Blanket is a cozy lightweight blanket with a great texture. The deep and smooth aqua blue texture gives the blanket a soothing and elegant look that is usually found in pricier lightweight blankets in the market.  Made from velvet fleece and microfiber materials, the Chanasya Aqua Blue Microfiber Throw Blanket can easily be a part of your home décor such as cover for your couches and divans, not only your bed.

Coming in other colors as well as Aqua Blue, Chansaya Microfiber Throw Blanket is perfect choice whether it’s for keeping you warm on a chilly evening or the aesthetically pleasing looks. The size of the blanket is 65 X 50 inches. The Chansaya Aqua Blue Microfiber Throw Blanket is currently available on Amazon. 


PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket: A lightweight blanket for every season


Literally perfect for all seasons, the PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket is in a class of its own.  Available in two sizes, the single 50 X 60 inches and the double 60 X 80 inches, the PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket is made from 440 GSM microfiber materials.

The mélange designs and the Sherpa lining on the sides gives this lightweight summer blanket a traditional artistic look. Whether you’re lounging on the sofa or snuggling with your significant other with a cup of coffee, the PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket makes for the perfect partner in crime. The PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket is currently available on Amazon.

PHF Waffle Weave Blanket: A classic, weightier cotton blanket



For those who yearn for the thick and comfortable feel of a regular blanket from its lightweight counterpart. Made from scratch with cotton, the PHF Waffle Weave Blanket is a khaki colored queen size blanket with a measurement of 90 X 90 inches.

The waffle-like weave isn’t just for the pleasant looks only; it also allows for better air insulation, which means no sweating even during hot summer days and nights. This lightweight blanket is easy to wash and take care of as it is machine washable. Despite its large size, it’s also perfect for travelling with family and friends! The PHF Waffle Weave Blanket is currently available on Amazon.  

Home Fashion Designs Luxury Bed Blanket: An extra-cozy lightweight quilt for any time of the year



When it comes to matching premium quality with great values, few lightweight blankets in the market come as close as the Home Fashion Designs Luxury Bed Blanket. This plush and super soft lightweight blanket is made from 330 GSM polyester clothing material.

The rich and vibrant red texture will definitely lend a regal look to your home décor or workspace, wherever you use it. Home Fashion Designs also offers a 30 day full refund period on the product. The Home Fashion Designs Luxury Bed Blanket is currently available on Amazon.     


Sonoro Kate Fleece Blanket: A fluffy fleece lightweight blanket  


This ivory colored classic lightweight blanket is made form 100% natural fleece. Coming in multiple colors, the Sonoro Kate Fleece Blanket comes in four distinct sizes; travel (60 X 43 inches), twin (90 X 65 inches), queen (90 X 90 inches) and king (104 X 90 inches). 

Compared to other lightweight blanket selections in this list, this allows for more flexibility whether you’re choosing it for your bed or as an interior decoration piece for your abode. When washing the blanket in a washing machine, it should be washed with cold water with the tumble dry option. The Sonoro Kate Fleece Blanket is currently available on Amazon.


Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket: The summer blanket that won’t give you a guilt trip


Many of us are animal lovers, which often makes it difficult for us to choose fur based products even if we want them. The Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket is the perfect answer to this dilemma. Made from 100% polyester, this faux fur lightweight blanket has the glossy and appealing look of real fur without hurting any animals in the process!

Since the Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blankets are individually dyed, each blanket ends up having its own unique frost grey texture shade that won’t match with others. It comes in 2 sizes, single (50 X 60 inches) and double (63 X 87 inches). The Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket is currently available on Amazon.


Easeland Fleece Blanket: The easy-to-wash lightweight blanket


Another delightful fleece blanket selection on this list, the Easeland Fleece Blanket is a highly popular choice among buyers. This soft and plushy microfiber blanket allows for excellent air ventilation to keep you cool. This lightweight summer blanket is both fade and shrink resistance, ensuring that you can put in the washer just like your regular clothes.

The simple color and design makes the Easeland Fleece Blanket perfect for rough use. This allows for easier cleaning and maintenance. Like the Sonoro Kate Fleece blanket, the Easeland Fleece Blanket also comes in 4 sizes: travel (50 X 61 inches), twin (66 X 90 inches), queen (90 X 90 inches) and king (904 X 108 inches). The Easeland Fleece Blanket is currently available on Amazon.    


Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket: A lightweight blanket that’s simple but elegant


Some people prefer to keep plain and simple without getting fancy, and the Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket seems to have been made just for them. The subtle dobby weave gives it a premium look without compromising the simplistic aesthetic of its looks.

Made from 100 % cotton, the Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket comes in 3 sizes- twin, queen and king with the most popular size being the queen sized variant. The Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket is currently available on Amazon.  


Wellfleet Turkish Cotton Blanket: A summer blanket that defies conventions


Herring Cove Textile Company really outdid themselves with the Wellfleet Turkish Cotton Blanket. Made with keeping your budget in mind, this lightweight blanket has all the cozy and snugly benefits of a regular Turkish towel without the added heft.

The balanced dimensions of the Wellfleet Turkish Cotton Blanket which is (40 X 80 inches) allows you to use it as a fashion accessory unlike the above mentioned selections. The Wellfleet Turkish Cotton Blanket is currently available on Amazon.


Stone and Beam Geo Throw Blanket: The perfect lightweight blanket to carry on your travels


The Stone and Beam Geo Throw Blanket makes an excellent choice for rough activities like travelling and camping. The elegant design of this lightweight summer blanket comprising of blue and grey triangles on the ivory colored surface lends it a distinct indigenous look.

The Stone and Beam Geo Throw Blanket is made from a mixed material comprising of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. The measurement of this cool summer blanket 50 X 60 inches. The Stone and Beam Geo Throw Blanket is currently available on Amazon.

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