15 Stores Like Topshop That’ll refine Your Wardrobe




Topshop is a great store for both basic and statement pieces. It carries a wide variety of styles, but in general everything has a fun, lighthearted, it-girl sort of vibe to it. They’re especially well known for their fabulous skinny jeans and British influenced pieces. They’re an accessible, reasonably priced brand that makes high quality pieces that are on trend and easy to wear.

But, maybe you’re looking for something a little different than florals and skinny jeans. That’s okay! There’s plenty of stores that are similar to Topshop but still have their own individual flair. Here, we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite stores that you’re sure to love, too!



ASOS is an online clothing and accessories brand that has trendy, simple clothes that are great quality and a range of prices, but are generally pretty affordable! Their pieces tend to have more of a clean, modern look to them, but they also have some super fun vintage-esque options. They are well known for their collection of formal prom/wedding wear, as well as really comfortable athleisure! This is a great choice for someone who wants Topshop but with a little bit more of a modern/athletic vibe to it.

Get the Bandeau Crop Top Prom Midi Dress for $72 and the striped cropped t-shirt for $19.


2. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal has gorgeous, feminine pieces with a little bit of a twist. They’re a super great option if you’re looking for stunning clothes that are all just a little summery, no matter what season they’re intended for. The prices might look a little bit high, but rest assured- they have amazing sales often, so don’t let the cost stop you from finding your new favorite piece! If you like Topshop at all, you’re bound to love the variety and style of all the clothing, shoes, and accessories that Nasty Gal has to offer!

Get the Chasing Stars Sheer Mesh Maxi Dress for $70 and the Jacquard Tie Top for $50.


3. Urban Outfitters

Who hasn’t heard of Urban Outfitters? They’re popular for a good reason: they make amazing clothes! If you’re a fan of Topshop, you’re bound to find something that you like at Urban Outfitters! They’re known for easygoing basics that are comfortable and stylish. They are a little bit on the more expensive side, but it’s well worth it. Their clothes are high quality and will last through wear and tear. You can find everything from comfy sweats to the perfect sundress, and it’ll always be on-trend and high quality.

Get the Faithful The Brand Lou Lou Floral Ruffle Mini Dress for $149 and the Cropped Tank Top for $24.


4. Dollskill

Dollskill is similar to Topshop, but their clothes have a little bit more edge to them.They’re a great place to check out if you miss the black fishnets and rock t-shirts of your teenage years! Their clothes are bold and fun, and there’s tons of variety! Some of their pieces are a little more out there, but if that’s not your thing, there’s still plenty of options that are edgy and bold without being too over the top to wear to work or a nice party. And as a bonus? They also carry some really good indie makeup brands.

Get the You’re Dismissed Cutout Boots for $45 and A-line dress for $45.


5. Modcloth

Modcloth is an awesome brand that focuses on empowering women through style. All of their pieces have a super quirky, vintage look to them that you just can’t find anywhere else. All of their prints are hand drawn and encourage individuality. They have a ton of variety, so you can find everything from a cozy sweater to a pair of glamorous heels. Their sizing has an awesome range from 00-28, so there’s something for everybody! They put a huge emphasis on body positivity and expressing yourself, so this is a great feel good brand to check out.

Get the Envisioned Aesthetic Sleeveless Top for $39 and the Architectural Tour Heel for $65.


6. Cotton On

Cotton On is a cotton-focused Australian brand that makes comfy, high quality basics for everyone! They place a huge emphasis on ethically sourcing their labor and materials, and are also aligned with the UN, working for gender equality and female empowerment! You can really feel good about buying clothes from Cotton On, and not just because they’re amazingly comfortable. Check out their crew neck t shirts and their denim to get a feel for what they have to offer! And before we forget to mention it- they’re super affordable, too!

Get The Crew T Shirt for $12.99 and Mid Rise Saturday Denim Short for $29.99.


7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is great for high-end, bohemian inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories. They have a huge variety of pieces that are absolutely stunning. If you ever need inspiration, check out the editor’s picks on their website! They also have a gorgeous plus size line that goes up to size 26. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Anthropologie, but you’ll definitely want to check out their amazing sundresses and beautiful jewelry collection! Their prices are definitely on the higher end, but the quality of the pieces is well worth what you pay!

Get the Tana Hoop Earrings for $58 and Faithfull Rivera Midi Dress for $169.


8. Madewell

You’ve probably heard of Madewell because of their awesome denim collection, but they have tons more to offer! Everything from comfy sweatshirts to formal dresses to heels. They also have fair-trade certified denim, work for equality for women workers, and don’t use any harmful chemicals. It’s called Madewell for a reason. All of their stuff is reasonably priced, too, so there’s no reason not to check it out! Their denim and jeans are obviously amazing, but their shoes are also awesome!

Get the skinny crop jeans for $135 and Ruthie Crisscross sandal for $100.



EXPRESS makes fresh, modern clothes for just about every style. They’re basic enough that they can be worn everywhere from the office to a night out in the city. They also have a really fun line of Pride pieces! This is a great store to check out if you’re looking for some high quality statement pieces but you don’t want to break the bank! They’re another great store that works for high sourcing standards and ending human trafficking. Check out their blazers and their collection of cocktail dresses!       

Get the Short Sleeve Sequin Sheath Dress for $108 and Notch Collar One Button Blazer for $128.   


10. J.Crew

J. Crew is a high end fashion brand that is known for their timeless, classic pieces. They are super high quality, so you can wear them over and over again. They are an eco friendly brand, so when you buy from them, you can rest assured that you’re treating the planet right! They have a huge variety of pieces; everything from winter coats to swimwear to fun summer rompers. This is a great place to shop for anyone who considers their style a little preppy- you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for!

Get the Knit Tie-Waist Striped Jumpsuit for $118 and Jungle Print Bikini Top for $54.



NET-A-PORTER bill themselves as “the world’s premier luxury fashion destination, offering incredible fashion from over 800 of the world’s most coveted designer brands”. They have a truly amazing variety of gorgeous designer pieces for all styles. It’s definitely a splurge to buy from them, but it’s well worth the cost! Everything they have isn’t just stunning, it’s also super good quality and an investment that will definitely last you a while! Check out their huge collection of designer shoes or their beautiful jackets.

Get the Etro Floral Brocade Blazer for $2,020 and the Jimmy Choo Mimi 100 Suede Sandals for $850.


12. Magnolia Boutique

Magnolia Boutique is an awesome, affordable bohemian clothing brand. They have a ton of variety, with some really unique pieces. Everything is hand selected, so it’s basically guaranteed to be good! And the prices are low enough that you’ll definitely want to buy more than just one thing. There’s free US shipping, too! They have some stunning maxi dresses, as well as bold, colorful kimonos! This is a great place to check out if you want to add a little bit of a boho vibe to your look.

Get the Venetian Square Printed Tassel Kimono for $39 and Maxi dress for $69.


13. Tobi

Tobi is an online fast fashion brand with some seriously cool, LA-inspired style. Their stuff is affordable, but it’s all designed in LA, so it has some nice high end vibes to it. It’s the perfect place to find some cute spring and summer pieces! They have everything from workout clothes to formal dresses, so you can get something for just about any occasion. Make sure that you check out their skirt collection and all of their super chic heels.

Get the Trust Me Black Suede Studded Heels for $23 and striped cropped top for $58.


14. Mango

Mango is a hip, fashion forward brand that makes Mediterranean influenced fashion that’s absolutely gorgeous. They incorporate loose silhouettes and bold patterns into their pieces and make them truly one of a kind. They focus on helping women incorporate who they are into their style. These are some fabulous summer and spring pieces that you definitely do not want to miss out on. Be sure to check out their dresses and swimwear if you want to see what they’re all about.

Get the pleated floral dress for $100 and the ruched bikini top for $30.


15. Zara

Zara makes bold, feminine pieces that are affordable and trendy. They are a Spanish brand and their pieces are wonderfully influenced by their roots, with some seriously cool European influence. They are brightly colored and patterned, and they have pieces for every season! Their dresses especially are super gorgeous and unique, and they have very creatively designed blouses! The prices alone make Zara definitely worth a look.

Get the Asymmetrical Printed Top for $30 and Printed Sheath Dress for $50.