12 Inspirational Instagram Accounts To Check Out ASAP

inspirational instagram accounts

These inspirational instagram accounts will turn your feed into a feel-good haven.

During my own spiritual awakening, I’ve focused more on putting my time and effort towards things that make me better human being. This particular time in my life has made me think harder about how I allocate my time and the effects certain activities have on my wellbeing.

Throughout this journey, I’ve also learned that there are positive approaches to things that otherwise may be deemed negative. For example, binging too much Netflix is certainly not going to get me to my next career stage. However, finding intellectually stimulating documentaries could enlighten me as well as provide me with fascinating talking points.

Similarly, social media has always been a tough habit to break. Too often I find myself mindlessly scrolling, itching for more likes, and comparing myself to edited versions of reality. Recent studies have even shown that social media can be super detrimental to mental health.

Of course, as I mentioned, I’ve been mindfully searching for positive spins across all angles of my life – including social media. Throughout this awakening, I’ve been drawn to some truly inspiring personalities, writers, and spiritual practitioners. When posts from these accounts pop up on my feed, they actually come with valuable information, kindness, or give me a moment of much-needed insight.

If you’re on a similar path or are just looking for more positivity in your life, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite accounts on Instagram. The folks on this list are full of light and love in a sea of memes and filters. Invite inspiration into your life and happy scrolling!

Andrea Balt

I’m about to have a fangirl moment by saying that Andrea is my role model. I’ve taken her amazing writing course, subscribe to her newsletter, and actively follow her. She posts about her deeply powerful and authentic journey in a beautiful way. Her caption-heavy posts always reignite my own personal passion towards finding the beauty in life through uncertain times.

Long Distance Love Bombs

Jeremy Goldberg, the man behind the account, is such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. He has been making compassion cool since 2010 and candidly shares his journey while inviting his followers to join in. He’s the type of inspirational dude you’d like to share a beer with.


Have you seen the amazing content coming out of our Instagram account lately?! Our vibe is truly a fresh, badass, empowering, and real way to look at life. I highly suggest you check it out.


Whitney Goodman is a licensed therapist out of Miami, Florida and is seriously going to be the next Oprah. She is helping take away the taboo commonly linked to therapy and has a no-bullshit approach to improving your mental health. She has also openly tried things like meditation and reiki but posts expert-backed tips recommended in conjunction with therapy.

Jennifer Racioppi

I was initially drawn to Jennifer’s page because of her astrological insights after getting curious about astrology. I quickly learned that her posts were so much more than lunar logic. Today, her posts are one of my most uplifting on my feed and I’ll actually go to her profile without waiting for the algorithm to bring them up.

Astro Twins

These twins write about astrology everywhere from Elle Magazine to Mind Body Green. The bonus to following them on Instagram? They share a bunch of random cool shit that makes me realize they’re people just like you and me - they just happen to understand planetary alignment a little more than us.

Well & Good

This health and wellness site shares all the good things. Their posts consist of everything from foods to recipes to skincare to travel. Sometimes spirituality just comes down to self-care, and this account definitely has it covered.

Spirit Daughter

This account is a mix of astrology, inspiration, and really cool artwork. The posts are honest, real, and very easy to relate to. Spirit Daughter even offers zodiac workbooks!

Janne Robinson

Janne is unabashedly honest and authentic - there’s just no other way to put it. She says it like it is and her posts make me feel instantly more prepared to rise. She’s the type of manifestation of confidence I strive to be.

Emma Milden

Not only is Emma a best-selling author, but she makes spirituality look extra cool and un-intimidating through her Instagram. Her posts are packed with quotes, lessons, and real-life realizations that definitely raise my vibration.

Soul Sister Circle

I added this one on here because I’m a HUGE fan of sharing energy and celebrating life with women who make you shine brighter. That’s by I so admire the Soul Sister Project (even if they’re based in Australia).

Coconut and Lime

The second I found Leana’s profile I instantly feel a wave of relaxation and wonder. Her posts are beautifully curated, highly useful, and spiritually insightful. I could immediately tell this girl is full of magic (and I’d like to be just like her).

Notable mentions are @goodjujutribe, @wanderlustfest, @thesoulwork, @wabisabiwell, @innerhue, @intuitivekristin, @yogagirl, @spiritualgangster, @spiritedseeker and so many more!

I have a new project launching on Instagram soon, so feel free to follow my journey at @SonyaMatejko to be one of the first to see it!

Finally, moving forward, I highly encourage you to assess your time but also look at it with opposing perspectives so that - hopefully - you can let optimism peek through.

Tell me below, what’s your favorite Instagram account to follow?