Top 4 Alcohol Drinks When Losing Weight

Read this post to find out the top 4 alcoholic drinks when you're trying to lose weight.

If avoiding alcohol isn't an option during your diet, stick to these options to insure you don't derail your progress. Your body sees alcohol as a toxin, and because of that it does not metabolize alcohol the same way it does food. Alcohol contains calories like food. However unlike food, those calories do not provide your body with energy and therefore have no value. According to the USDA the below top 4 alcoholic beverages contain the least amount of calories per serving.

best alcohol drinks when losing weight

1. Hard Liquors ( Vodka, Scotch, Gin, Rum, Whiskey)- 64 Calories per 1oz shot

Hard liquors like Vodka, which contain only 64 calories per 1oz shot, will be your best choice to indulge in a drink and stick to your diet. Avoid ordering mixed drinks from the bartender. They contain syrups and sugars that elevate your blood sugar which will cause you to feel excessively hungry and thirsty.  Instead, you can create a low calorie mixed drink by adding diet soda, tonic, water or even a water enhancer like Mio.

Want to avoid feeling dehydrated or hungover?

Lyteshow for Rapid Rehydration ;

The more fit you become, the less alcohol tolerance you will have. Pour a couple drops of these tasteless electrolytes into your water throughout the night and avoid feeling dehydrated or hungover the next day.

Best Drinks When Losing Weight

2.Red Wine- 125 calories per 50z (147g)

On the list, red wine contains the most calories per serving. However, the heart healthy benefits of a glass of red wine make it a great option during your diet. Drinking a glass of red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. This is due to Reservatol, a key ingredient in red wine, that helps prevent damage to your blood vessels, reduces bad cholesterol, and prevents blood clots.

2. White Wine - 120 Calories per 5oz (147g)

A glass of white wine is likely to amount to about 120 calories. It contains slightly less calories than red wine. However red wine has the better reputation for health benefits due to the bioactive compounds found in red wine grape skins. Yet, there are some studies that show no discernible difference between white wine and red wine.

Best alcohol drinks when losing weight

4. Light Beer- 104 Calories Per 12oz (354g)

Nearly every brand and brewery has a light version of its beer now. Which is most helpful if your preference for alcoholic beverage is beer. Bud light, Sam Adams, and Coor's Light all contain between 102-120 calories per bottle or can. However, your best options for a low calorie beer are Budweiser Select, Beck's Premier Light, and Miller Light, which all contain no more than 65 calories per bottle.

Morning after drinking hunger & cravings

Morning After Extreme Hunger & Greasy Food Cravings Explained

The morning after you drink you will likely feel extreme hunger and crave greasy foods.  The primary reason for this is dehydration, caused by consuming alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic which means it causes you to flush out the water on your body through peeing. This causes dehydration, but it also the reason why your stomach temporarily looks much leaner the morning after you drink.

Th dehydration effect of alcohol also causes you to feel hungry, because your body is signaling for you to eat food to extract water from.  Alcohol is toxic to the body and therefore after its consumed your body will need to do some repair work.  Your body will be in repair mode, which requires excess energy. This is why you crave fatty-greasy foods the morning after. Fat provides the most energy at 9 calories per gram, so to your body, a greasy hamburger seems like the best choice.

So there you have it. If you stick to the above options, you should easily be able to grab a drink while on your diet with minimal consequence. Like with anything, the key is moderation. Try to stick to no more than 2 drinks, add some electrolytes to your water, and stay hydrated.