7 Bella Thorne Movies & TV Shows To Get You Caught Up On Her Soaring Career




Annabella Avery Thorne. Love her or hate her, you know who she is. Better known by her stage name, Bella Thorne has made a name for herself in many industries including modeling, acting, and music. Since 2003, the fiery redhead can be credited for many roles both in film and television. Just check out her extensive IMDB page.

Despite already having had roles in both tv and film years prior, Bella Thorne’s real breakthrough came in 2010 with her co-starring role as CeCe Jones opposite actress Zendaya in the popular Disney Channel show, “Shake It Up.”

“Shake It Up”

The 2010 fictional Disney Channel show follows bestfriends, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, as they navigate being professional background dancers on a local TV show called “Shake It Up, Chicago.” So essentially, a show within a show. Despite living out their dancing dreams, the two girls must also handle off-set issues such as the stress of being teenage girls, high school life, and their rising social status. The show was a success among younger audiences, but only had a run time of three seasons, with the final season airing in 2013.

From childhood star to villain.

Like many others before her, after her successful childhood acting career, Bella knew she was ready to grow up and star in more “adult” roles. Since her Disney Channel days, Bella is known for portraying villainous characters in both main and supporting roles.

“The Duff”

In the 2015 teenage comedy, “The Duff,” Bella Thorne portrays Madison Morgan, your typical mean yet popular girl at the top of the high school food chain. Madison is a reality TV wannabe who is extremely possessive of Wesley, the star football player and her on and off again boyfriend.

The movie follows Bianca, a highschool senior who finds out she is the “Duff” of her friend group. “Duff” being an acronym for “designated ugly fat friend.” Bianca strikes up a deal with her neighbor and former childhood friend, Welsey, to help her with her popularity as well as get a date with Toby, the guy of her dreams.

However, Bianca and Wesley’s rekindled friendship doesn’t sit well with Madison. In an attempt to humiliate Bianca, Madison releases a video showing Bianca kissing a mannequin, who she pretends is Toby. Welsey helps Bianca move past the incident and their friendship continues to grow.

Eventually, Wesley and Madison begin dating again. When Bianca realizes her feelings for Wesley are more than friendly, she reveals her feelings for him at the homecoming dance. Madison takes this opportunity to aggressively insult her, to which Bianca responds to by calmly stating that Madison’s bullying is simply a reflection of her own insecurities.  

Bella Thorne’s portrayal of Madison Morgan in “The Duff” earned her a 2015 Teen Choice Award in the category for “Choice Movie: Villain.”

“You Get Me”

Let’s talk about a one night stand turned dangerously obsessive. “You Get Me” is a 2017 American thriller released on Netflix and starring Bella Thorne as Holly Viola.

The movie follows Tyler Hanson, who after breaking up with his girlfriend, has a one night stand with Holly, a girl he meets outside of a party. Having seemingly forgotten about his breakup, Tyler and Holly spend the weekend together.

Despite their big fight and breakup, Alison (“Ali”) forgives Tyler and they rekindle their relationship. However, Ali is completely unaware of Tyler’s sexual encounter with Holly which he plans to keep a secret.

To Tyler’s surprise, Holly transfers to his high school and to his dismay, she is quickly accepted into his friend group and even begins a close friendship with his girlfriend, Ali. Holly becomes obsessed with continuing a relationship with Tyler behind Ali’s back, eager to remind him of their “special” time spent together. Tyler however, ignores her advances.

Eventually, Holly tells Ali all about her secret weekend with Tyler.

With Tyler and Ali no longer together and having been suspended from school, Tyler begins to dig into Holly’s past. The same night Tyler figures out who Holly really is, her obsession quickly becomes dangerous when she kidnaps Ali, leading Tyler back to the place where he spent such a “special” weekend with Holly.

“Assassination Nation”

Bella Thorne had a role in the 2018 film “Assassination Nation” as highschool cheerleader, Raegen.

The film is centered around the fictional town of Salem which falls into chaos and violence after an online hacker leaks personal information about many of the town’s residents.

First, the mayor shoots himself in public after pictures are released showing him with male escorts and dressing up in women's clothing. Next, the school principal is accused of being a pedophile after private pictures of his six year old daughter in the bath are hacked and released.

Eventually, half the town is hacked, revealing secrets, turning against a groups of girls, and accusing the hacker.

Although Bella Thorne does tend to lean more towards antagonist roles, she has also appeared in roles where she doesn’t portray the villain.


In 2014, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler co-starred for the third time together in the romantic comedy “Blended.” Bella Thorne portrays Hilary “Larry” Friedman, Sandler’s fictional teenage daughter.

Having lost her mother and with Sandler’s character, Jim, playing the role of mother and father, Hilary and her two younger sisters have been raised very tomboyish. Their father does his best but he makes mistakes such as getting his daughters hair cut at a family-owned barber shop and getting all their clothes from “Dicks Sporting Goods.”

At the start of the film, Barrymore and Sandlers’ characters, Lauren and Jim,  go on a blind date that ends badly. They both move past it and hope to continue on with their lives like normal. Unknown to them, they both plan on taking their children to Africa for the summer.

On the trip, the two families are blended together and are forced to get to know each other on a scheduled “familymoon.” Throughout the movie they become close with another couple, Eddy and Ginger, and Eddy’s teenage son Jake.

Hilary, portrayed by Thorne, immediately develops a crush on Jake but is too afraid to talk to him. Lauren helps Hilary with her self-image by giving her a makeover, instantly catching Jake’s attention. Jake and Hilary finally begin to bond and even begin a long distance relationship after the Africa vacation is over.

Bella Thorne’s portrayal of Hilary showed how she also likes to take on “quirky” characters that she can relate to, having had her own journey with self-discovery.

“Famous in Love”

In 2017, Bella Thorne began starring in Freeform’s television series, “Famous in Love.” Thorne played Paige Townsen, an average college student living in California and wanting nothing more than to become a successful actress.

When Paige is cast in a huge Hollywood movie, her career and fame skyrocket. But being in the public eye may not be everything she expected. Her life quickly changes and she must learn to juggle her college education, her friends, and her acting career.

To add to her already stressful celebrity life, Paige finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between her co-star and her best friend. If you’re looking for teenage drama, this show has it!

Despite love from fans, including me, “Famous in Love” was unfortunately cancelled by Freeform after two seasons due to reports of Hulu’s decline to contribute more money for a third season’s production.

“Midnight Sun”

Bella Thorne was the lead role in the 2018 romantic drama, “Midnight Sun” where she portrays Katie Price, a 17 year old living with a life threatening sensitivity to sunlight caused by a rare genetic condition. Because of her condition, Katie stays home all day and only goes out at night.

During a night out playing her guitar at the train station, Katie runs into Charlie, her longtime crush. Their fates cross at the right time and they begin a summer romance. At first, Katie is afraid to tell Charlie about her medical condition. But after she falls sick due to sun exposure while out with Charlie, her secret is revealed.

After the incident, Katie’s condition worsens drastically and her lifetime is cut short.

Not wanting to hurt Charlie with her impending death, Katie shuts him out. When she is finally convinced to talk to him, she’s surprised to see Charlie wants nothing more than the chance to love her, no matter for how long. They spend the rest of Katie’s life together.

Charlie even surprises her with a session in a recording studio, giving Katie the opportunity to record her music, which before she had only sung to strangers on the streets.

In her final days, and with nothing left to fear, Katie feels the sun on her skin while out sailing with Charlie.

After Katie’s death, Charlie continues to pursue his dreams. He says goodbye to Katie’s father and leaves town with the memory of her.

Bella Thorne is not slowing down.

Hard at work with her music, makeup line, and even a new book, I don’t know how she does it all.

She has been cast in five upcoming films: “The Friendship Game,” “Leave Not One Alive,” “Southland,” “Girl,” and “Exo.” She will soon be releasing her fourth book titled “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray,” and she will also be appearing as Lily Mayflower in the series “Paradise City” which is currently in post-production.

To keep up with Bella Thorne on a personal level and on her many upcoming projects, I suggest following her on Instagram, @BellaThorne, where she always posts bomb selfies and pictures of her next career move.