Raw Blue Apatite Stone - Free Same Day Shipping

Raw Blue Apatite Stone - Free Same Day Shipping


Beautiful, raw and genuine Blue Apatite Stones with free same-day shipping.

Each Order Includes 3 Raw Blue Apatite Stones.

  • 3 Stones In Each Order

  • Raw Blue Apatite

  • Each stone is 1’-1.5’’ in length

Due to raw Blue Apatite’s natural properties, each stone is unique and therefore will come in different shapes, sizes, and color vibrancy. Please find more information about blue apatite and its properties below.

Raw Blue Apatite vs polished Blue Apatite

Many spiritual practitioners prefer raw stones to polished stones due to the potency of their energy and their ability to foster an energetic break-through.

“The more natural a stone is, the more ‘raw energy’ it contains… When a stone is carved into a shape with particular meanings, i.e. spheres, eggs, pyramids, this can also heighten its power.” — Pete “Lumos” of Mind, Body, Spirit

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More Information On Blue Apatite -

Blue Apatite Meaning

The Greeks were the first to recognize the chameleon-like qualities of Apatite and its ability to resemble other crystals such as Peridot. The Apatite crystal stone meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive,” owing its name to its unique properties. Apatite is actually the combination of three different minerals depending on the amount of either fluorine, chlorine or the hydroxyl group. The three minerals are difficult to distinguish by the eye which also contributes to its deceptiveness.

Blue Apatite Properties

The combination of different levels of fluorine, chlorine, and hydroxide are important to the very color of blue apatite stones. There is so much color variety in these beautiful stones. Blue apatite stones can occur as prismatic stones or in the massive form. Blue Apatite's color may be a clear blue or blue-green, and they may also carry a deep-dark navy blue color as well as yellow and sometimes pink or violet. Although Apatite comes in a variety of colors, only the major colors of blue, green and gold are commonly used for metaphysical purposes.

The Apatite stone even contains elements that make up your tooth enamel which is why it is believed to be able to assist with dental issues as well as broken bones.

Where is Blue Apatite Found?

Blue apatite stones are primarily found in Brazil, Burma, and Mexico while other less-rich sources include Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Blue apatite is a motivational and inspirational stone that clears your mind, strengthens your personal power and stimulates creativity. Blue apatite stones are known for their dual action and ability to help you harness your inner strength and motivate you towards achieving your desires.

People exploring a deeper spiritual practice generally gravitate toward the blue Apatite stones are the primary ones to use to stimulate the birth of new psychic abilities.

How To Use Blue Apatite Stones

People use their blue apatite differently ranging from allowing them to live in a crystal shelf or wearing them on their person in the form bracelets, necklaces, rings. Still, before you prepare your stones to be worn, displayed or used, there are some steps you should take.

First, begin by cleansing your stones and setting your intention for the stone.

How To Cleanse Your Blue Apatite Stones:

Start a sage smudge and hold the stones in your hand so that the smoke wafts through your hand and over your stones. Next, say aloud or in your head, “I ask that the highest vibration of love connect with my inner self and clear unwanted energy and past programming from this stone. Then, begin to set your intention by saying “with love I use this stone to…..”

How To Program Or Set The Intention Of Your Blue Apatite:

Blue Apatite Stones can assist you in many endeavors, therefore, it’s important to give your stones their purpose by setting an intention. After you’ve cleansed your stones, hold them in your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths until you feel relaxed.

Being to think thoughts that make you feel happy, hopeful and inspired. These thoughts will help you raise your vibration. Then, while you feel happy and eager, state your intention to your stones and finish the process by feeling eager and feeling gratitude.

Blue Apatite & The Throat Chakra

The blue apatite stone is one that aligns with the throat chakra and third eye chakra and as a result can help improve your communication, assist with public speaking, and help you develop your spiritual abilities.

Blue Apatite Stones & Weight Loss

Many people even use Blue apatite stones to support their weight loss endeavors as well.

Blue apatite stones are often used to support weight loss endeavors because it is believed to raise your metabolic rate, heal the glands and the organs of the body and act as an appetite suppressant.

An important aspect of weight loss is self-esteem and blue apatite is believed to help you improve your self-esteem by helping you release feelings of guilt and allowing you to appreciate yourself.

Blue Apatite Stones & Self-Love

Blue apatite is an incredibly versatile stone and can be used in a number of spiritual rituals including self-love rituals. For example, blue apatite, when combined with rose quartz, amazonite, carnelian, red jasper, moonstone, bloodstone, and clear quartz can be used in a self-love wheel ritual where it helps support you taking care of yourself and your health.