Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $35+

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International Shipping Costs

International Shipping Costs, Customs, and Duties

We offer FREE or flat-rate international shipping based on your order amount.

When is International Shipping FREE?

  • Free shipping to the Sweden for orders 250+ SEK
  • Free shipping to Australia for orders $40+ AUD 
  • Free shipping to Europe on orders €24+

When isn't International Shipping Free?

  • $16 USD shipping to Sweden for orders under 250 SEK
  • $16 USD shipping to Australia for orders under $40 AUD
  • $16 USD shipping to Europe on orders under €24 

What About Customs Fees & Duties?

International friends, heads up! Please be prepared to pay customs and duties fees to receive your package. The charge is determined by your local customs authority and includes:

  1. The Sales Tax applied by your country for purchases from the U.S. and
  2. Duties charged for processing by your country.