Macronutrient Calculator

Learn how to calculate macros to achieve your fitness goals. You can customize your protein, carbs, and fat ratios as needed for your IIFYM diet plan. Or, simply use this macronutrients calculator tool as a TDEE calculator.

Step 1: Calculate Your Calorie Requirements (TDEE)

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Ft. In.




Exercise Level

Your BMR is:


Your TDEE is:


Step 2: Choose Your Goals & Intensity

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Step 3: Customize Your Nutrition Plan

Protein = 4 Calories per Gram

grams per lb. of body weight

Fat = 9 Calories per Gram

grams per lb. of body weight

Carbs = 4 Calories per Gram

Carbohydrates are calculated based on the calories you have remaining after calories from protein and fat have been subtracted from your TDEE.

Step 4: View Your Results

Carbs Protein Fat Calories
Grams per Day ---- ---- ---- ----
Grams per Meal ---- ---- ---- ----

How To Guarantee Your Diet’s Success

If you’re struggling to achieve your diet goals it’s almost always because your diet is out of whack, meaning you’re not actually eating the right amount of calories.Knowing how many calories you need to eat to achieve your fitness goals is not enough. You have to also accurately eat according to that calorie goal.

It’s extremely easy to eyeball your meals and accidentally overeat your calorie goals. To guarantee your results, you should be using a food scale like this Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale, ( $39.99 at the time of publication), available on Amazon which will accurately weigh your food so that you can accurately track your macros according to your diet goals. It also provides calorie and nutrition facts right from the scale and has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with over 600 reviews. It’s freaking amazing.

Second, you want to grab prep containers like these EZ Prep containers, ($18.99 at the time of publication), via Amazon. that help your portion out your meals in advance. It’s extremely easy to stick to your diet goals and benefit from consistency when you portion out your food in advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How Do I Share This Calculator?

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+ What Is TDEE?

TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure. TDEE is an energy estimate that measures the total amount of calories you burn in a day from sleeping, eating, breathing, your level of activity, and so on. TDEE is the number of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight.

+ Which Formula Should I Choose?

Unless you know your body fat% select "Total Body Weight Formula."

+ What Is BMR?

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is an energy estimate that measures how many calories you burn in your resting state. As a general rule, to avoid any long term metabolic damage, you should not eat fewer calories than your BMR.

+ What Should My Macros Be?

This is going to depend on many factors including your fitness goal, weight, and body type. My only consistent tip is to insure you're eating 1g of protein for every pound you weigh

+ Which TDEE Calculations Does This Calculator Use?

My macronutrient calculator uses both Harris Benedict and Katch-McArdle which takes into account lean body mass.

+ Learn How To Track Macros

Learn how to track macros with this easy to follow guide.