6 Style Hacks That Are The Perfect Answer To Hair Boredom

boring hair hair accessories

I have to be honest with you. I am getting really really bored with my hair! Some days I don't even want to touch it. I am over it! Uninspired. I need motivation. Even seeing most of my friends and coworkers from day to day. We do nothing out of the ordinary to spice it up. Maybe a ponytail here, a messy bun there. For me, I may wear the same afro puff every day.

I had to go on a journey for hair inspiration. What are the new "Hair Tings" out there that I could try? Maybe there are some old classics I could figure out how to make new? So, my search began! And you know I'm excited to share with you. Here are a few new (and old) ways for you to make hair fun again.

Style Hack #1: Wide Brim Hats

boring hair
boring hair

So, you say “Hats? Girl, hats are old news!”. Yes, throwing on a hat on a bad hair day is not a new concept by far BUT the Wide Brim Hat trend is really one to take note of! Unlike your sunhats and your baseball caps, the wide brim gives you a chic, artsy vibe. How many clothing pieces do you have that automatically make you look bomb with minimal effort? That is why I love this look.

Get The Look:


felt hat, from topshop, $40.00


I think this trend really took off when Beyonce released her Formation video. She wore a black wide brim hat super low with two simple braids revealed in the back. A Southern Gothic fashion statement that wowed Fashionistas across the world.


Style Hack #2: Hair Jewels

boring hair hair jewels
boring hair hair jewels

This is a more of an up and coming trend but I predict it will get extremely poppin' soon. Companies like LELET NY are making bobbies, headbands, and barrettes with innovative and beautiful designs. Some of my favs are adorned with pearls or Swarovski crystals. So Luxurious! I really recommend these to add to a formal look. Possibly wedding day hair or to the Gala dinner you have coming up (I don't know if you're into that type of stuff, I'm just imagining your cool life haha). But don’t think hair jewels aren't right for the day to day either! I tried on their Spear Floral Bobbi in Gold and it looked amazing with my highlights:

boring hair

Style Hack #3: The Headwrap

So, the headwrap or scarf isn't a new method either, but WOW does it have some new tricks. People have come up with some truly creative ways to tie headwraps these days. And so many different textures and hair lengths can style a headwrap beautifully. I love them because it allows me to let my imagination flow figuring out a new, cute way to tie my scarf.

Although I do like to come up with my own headwrap creations, I won’t mind stealing RihRih’s scarf look in her video for Wild Thoughts. She took it back to the early 2000s by simply tying it Pirate Style (that is what I am dubbing it because I don't know another name for that style) with the tails flying loose in the back.


Get The Look:

cleo headwrap, from urban outfitters, $14.00


Style Hack #4: Flowers


Adorning your hair with flowers is such a timeless, romantic look. Like you walked straight out of a telenovela scene. Seeing someone with flowers in their hair always makes me smile for some reason. The new trend is to not just do one cute flower on the side but putting WHOLE bouquets in your hair. We are turning into elegant gardens out here yall!


Get The Look:


bloom bouquet headband, topshop, $42.00


They actually just held CurlFest in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend and there were hair gardens everywhere! My favorite was from blogger Micaela Verrelien. She had what looked like Baby’s Breath angelically sprinkled into her afro. Girl, you look like Mother Nature! I was in awe!  

Style Hack #5: Braid Cuffs & Links


I have seen plenty of people add braids cuffs to their box braids and their cornrows but doing this sort of bedazzling with braid cuffs on loose hair is so cool. It definitely sends a tribal, earthy vibe. This is how I imagine the modern day Cleopatra would have looked like. A royal badass. I went in search of hair links for myself and found some cool ones with metal feathers on ASOS.


Get The Look:

cut out tube hair rings, from topshop, $12.00


Style Hack #6: Colorful Wigs


This is the one I was most excited about! Bright Colored Wigs are so next level when it comes to style. This is for the bold and the fierce because you can’t rock one without having that super confidence. If you want to walk in a room and have all eyes on you this the way to do it. The brighter the better. And, honestly, if you ask me why get a wig when you can just dye your own? This is much safer on your hair. Braid it up, slap on a wig cap, and go! We value hair health and wealth, okay!

Any of these you're trying this week? Is there a “Hair Ting” I missed that I should know about? Let ya girl know!