30 I AM Affirmations For Positivity, Self-Love, & Self-Care

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Affirmations are such a helpful component of your self-care practice especially when used correctly. The purpose of I AM affirmations isn’t to “fake it until you make it,” because words can’t force you to believe things. I am affirmations help you acknowledge your truth and that acknowledgement is what feels good. In fact, you should avoid repeating affirmations that don’t feel true to you. Instead, lean towards satisfaction by repeating the affirmations that do make you feel good and eventually all of your affirmations will begin to resonate.

Affirmations are tools to help you support your mood therefore there’s no need to push yourself to a place you’re not ready for. So, as you read through the below list of affirmations lean into the affirmations that resonate with you and skip the ones that don’t.

30 I AM Affirmations For Positivity, Self-Love, & Self-Care

I AM ever-evolving.

I AM open to the perspective of others.

I AM introspective and eager to learn more about my own needs.

I AM trusting the journey.

I AM finding comfort in my own skin.

I AM willing to ask for help.

I AM okay with not having all of the answers.

I AM experiencing the best that others have to offer.

I AM excited to immerse myself into my life.

I AM receiving solutions to what worries me.

I AM allowing joy to guide me.

I AM ready for what’s to come.

I AM free to learn & grow at my own pace.

I AM leaning towards peace.

I AM reaching for what excites me.

I AM fully present in this moment.

I AM magnetic and radiant.

I AM in ruthless pursuit of my personal satisfaction.

I AM observant of the natural beauty and love that exists all around me.

I AM open to experiences that help me expand.

I AM letting fun guide me.

I AM feeling the essence of what I desire.

I AM discovering my power moment by moment.

I AM expanding my belief of what’s possible.

I AM exploring what comes naturally to me.

I AM choosing the actions and circumstances that feel most satisfying to me.

I AM living my purpose by living my joy.

I AM reaching for comfort.

I AM acknowledging my personal triumphs.

I AM embracing the people and things that flow into my experience easily.

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I AM Affirmations & The Universe

If you believe that you can create your reality with your thoughts, focus, and feelings then by law of attraction, you receive more experiences that make you feel more of those feelings. When I first realized that I have the power to define my journey I felt an immense sense of relief.

Growing up I thought that life was a crap shoot and that "you get what you get.” I felt relief about learning that I have the power to choose the course of my life because I wasn't happy with what I was "getting." I felt empowered to change the trajectory of my life and that I could have everything I ever wanted, moreover I should expect it.

Affirmations, Love & Abundance

I’ve said more times than I can count that "money and success come easily to me, but not love."  I said that limiting statement so many times that it became a limiting belief. As a result, I held on to deep feelings of lack and challenge regarding love.

I felt that people had callings and that if you're called to have a certain life then you just would.  I concluded that some women had easier paths entering balanced-loving relationships and some just didn't. I would always have a full professional life and an empty love life, it was already decided. Then I went through my major moment of clarity which opened my eyes to how life truly works.

It was my "aha" moment and I quickly figured out that my self-defeating mindset was inaccurate. My fate wasn't carved in stone, I get to choose.

I had two different beliefs about success and love. Since I didn't have limiting beliefs about money and success I attracted both of them easily. It seemed that despite my circumstances I was always in a good place financially and professionally.

I’ve been offered promotions even when I didn't want them. I've received random checks in the mail for thousands of dollars. Debts were always paid off easily and quickly. I always had enough money for my wants and needs and it was all because I truly believed that "money and success come to me easily." Unknowingly, I was going through life describing myself as a money magnet and therefore I became a money magnet.

My "aha" moment led me to so many points of clarity, one of those being the cycle of my limiting belief. Understanding the cycle was like conceptualizing the riddle of The Chicken or The Egg, which comes first, the experience or the belief?

I'd been saying my entire adult life that money and success came easily to me so I felt it. I received confirming circumstances that made me feel thoughts were accurate. On the other hand, I had limiting beliefs about love and the experiences I had lined up with those beliefs.

It was not that I needed to fix my actions, it was that if I fixed how I defined myself to myself my actions would come into alignment with the new-fresh-loving way that I perceived my life.

The cycle

Thoughts = Feelings = Matching Experiences = Confirmation of Thoughts = Beliefs = Matching Experiences =  Stronger Beliefs = Matching Experiences = Even Stronger Beliefs and so on...

I have the freedom to choose situations that feel good to me and that come to me easily. I have the freedom to create my reality. I have the freedom to expect the best.

Beliefs are just thoughts that are confirmed by our experiences. By reciting I am affirmations as a daily practice and gently allowing yourself to open up to new beliefs that serve you and move away from the limiting beliefs that don’t.

Money will begin to flow to you more easily, you will have better interactions with people, and you will find love in the people and things that feel harmonious to you.

Create Your Own List of I AM Affirmations

Sit and think about the aspects that you love about yourself or about the things you aspire to be. Close your eyes and say aloud:

"I am _____"  and feel the truth of that statement, then do it again.

If you make a statement that feels like you’re pushing past comfort then dial it back. Allow yourself to progress naturally because feeling an "I AM” affirmation is the most important part of the act because the feeling is the goal.

Take the time to deliberately define who you are, do it before you start your day, do it when you need reminding, just do it and watch your life become what you desire.

What affirmations are on your list? Share your favorite ones in the comments below!