11 Mesmerizing Abstract Makeup Looks You Have To Try




Abstract makeup can take many forms, and that’s putting it mildly. When this topic was presented to me, I was not sure what to expect. From eye makeup to full face and hair looks, the possibilities are endless for this trend just for the fact that abstract is abstract.

What Is Abstract Makeup?

Well, art is in the eye of the beholder, and abstract art brings the very essence of that description to life.

Think, Picasso. Picasso was an artist who took the very idea of creation and painted idealized images with it, things we could only dream of like faces with both a front and side view visible and pieced together pictures that seemingly didn’t go together, yet did.

Check out his Girl Before a Mirror piece here:




Think, MC Escher. He painted twists and turns, images that turned into and inside of each other. He took the idea of relativity and turned it into convex and concave creations that spiral our minds.

Check out Escher’s Hand with a Reflecting Sphere here:




Think, Salvador Dali. Dali painted dripping watches to demonstrate that time is a human construct, as is memory and space itself. He painted images of creation and destruction, balancing each other in such a way that they became beautiful and glorious.

Check out Dali’s Persistence of Memory here: .




Abstract makeup is the same as abstract art. Its concept is your own and can be nearly anything, except basic (because then what is the point?).

Abstract Makeup Ideas

It may be challenging to get started with your abstract makeup creations, so I have collected some of my favorite pieces of abstract makeup from across Instagram. These talented makeup artists bring the abstract trend to life.

Ellen Kern (@ellenkern.mua on Instagram) got tight with the abstract eye makeup trend in early May with this eye-catching eye shadow look! She puts her color skills to work, creating chic lines and angles with blues and yellows, lining her upper crease with shades of pink, blue and white; the cleanliness of her lines is total goals. I adore the bold purple tones beneath her eye, which creates a very prism-like feel that inspires me. I love this look.

Makeup artist Drew (@mcdrew on Instagram) recreated a look worn by Ezra Miller to the Met Gala this year, in early May. The overlaying of colors to form the super-realistic eyeballs is incredible. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this look for a night out on the town, but that is the point of abstract makeup.! It can be scary and unusual, and no one knows the difference.

Drew mimicked the blue-ish tones of her eyes pretty precisely, although if you look hard enough, you can tell some are drawn on. She has one of the best versions of this look I have seen though, so more power to you, girl!   

Speaking of inspiration, let’s talk about the phenomenal talents of celebrity abstract makeup guru, Mimi Choi (@mimles on Instagram). This woman has some of the most incredible abstract makeup I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, and I’m not exaggerating!

Choi has a talent for bringing facial-based artwork to life, with astounding detail to depth and color. Her ocean wave look has me in awe because I tried to draw something like this myself last week and entirely fell flat. She brings life to her images, a difficult feat on a surface that is not flat.

MyKaila (@glambymykaila on Instagram) took a gorgeous stab at the tie-dye eye shadow trend currently floating its way across Twitter and Instagram. She combines the beautiful, bold shades of the rainbow and blends them perfectly in a tie-dye pattern across her lids, before accentuating the look with a perfectly fine line of silver glitter liquid liner. My favorite part is the blue eyeliner she coated the inner part of her lower lashline with for a final pop of color!

Anne Wenzel (@annepromakeupart on Instagram) took a fun spin to the abstract makeup trend by creating a most appealing look. This look popped up on my feed a few weeks ago, and I go back and look at it every couple of days because it intrigued me so much. A “jelly” eye in every sense of the word, Wenzel coated the upper and lower parts of the eyelid with some form of green gloss (I still can’t quite figure out what it is despite the product tags, but it looks so cool) and blends the colors both inwards and outwards. The lashes are also coated with the jelly gloss, and drizzled with specks of glitter!

Students at P. Louise Makeup Academy (@plouise_makeup_academy on Instagram) created this more wearable abstract makeup look, and I think it’s incredible. Using a feathered brow as an accessory, they blended deep emerald, sapphire, and amethyst tones along the crease of the eyelid to create depth. They then added a glowing blue cut crease to increase dimension and layered blue sequin-style glitter onto the outer corners of the eye. The completed look displays a vibrant, green cat-eye outlined with black; a geometric addition to an otherwise mermaid-esque look!  

Vanessa Davis (@the_wigs_and_makeup_manager on Instagram) is also known as The Skullstress for a reason. In all my searching, she creates some of the most wicked, abstract makeup designs I could find. She uses cut up pieces of old Barbie dolls for her creations and makes up her models with full hair and face makeup.

I don’t have words for her work, other than gnarly, ethereal and awesome. I think she deserves some creds because even without the wigs, the application of the makeup looks is incredible.

Katie Elizabeth Butt (@katieelizabethbutt on Instagram) is one of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram. She is incredibly creative and comes up with some of the most inspiring abstract makeup! The look I chose is just one of her more recent posts, and she uses eyeshadows and fine-tipped brushes to paint three-dimensional bricks and graffiti on her face. She uses liquid latex to secure mini-spray paint cans to her face and neck as well, which I thought was pretty cool. It isn’t a very wearable look, for sure, but the detail she puts into its creation is incredible!   

Makeup artist Jessie (@theblackvanity on Instagram) takes abstract pretty literally with her abstract makeup look. The delicate lineup of her painted on shapes is perfect for the trend! I find this look very wearable, and super cute since it matches her manicure to a tee! She uses bold purple and pink eyeliner, lined with black to lend a geometric feel to the look’s aesthetic that I much appreciate, and she didn’t just let her eyes do all the work. She extended the look down to her lips and accents the colors with a pretty mauve lipstick. YES!   

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David Koppelaar (@davidkoppelaar on Instagram), makeup artist for House of Orange brings the abstract trend to life on the face of this model. He highlights her brow ridges with a sweep of bold orange, which is smoothed outwards towards the temple and blends it down to the eyelids with a lovely mix of teals, mints and blue. There is a hint of pearlescent purple at the inner corners of her eyelids that creates a soft luminescence. Bright pink accents the smooth chocolate tone of her skin and makes it stand out impeccably. I love how simple, yet astoundingly different this abstract look is!

Fiona (@fionaartist on Instagram) is a makeup artist located in Prishtina. Her works are abstract by nature, and this one is absolutely my favorite. Most of the model’s face has simple, basic makeup, but her jawline, ear, and neck are where the party is! Fiona painted the pretty lines of the model’s features with a mint green paint that perfectly accents the warm, caramel tone of her skin and complements her blue-green eyes. It creates a mesmerizing look.   

What do we think?

We think abstract makeup is a gorgeous trend that comes in as many forms as we can dream. It is kind of shocking to discover new styles and options for wearing certain types of products. Whether it’s eyeshadow as lipstick or blush as eyeshadow, with abstract makeup designs, you really can’t go wrong. I cannot wait to see where the makeup community’s imaginations take us in the future because the heights that can be reached by this abstract trend are limitless.