Great Fitness Expectations

                          Artwork graciously provided by the amazing  Elle Muliarchyk

It's important in your fitness journey to have realistic expectations of your goals. In fitness we have the ability to naturally transform our bodies, within the structure of our genetics. What I mean by this is, if your mother passed down her hips to you, you will always have hips. Your hips will be accented with tight glutes and shapely legs, but you will never lose your hips, and why would you want to? As you progress further towards your goal remember to compare yourself to yourself.

If you find yourself wishing your legs were: as lean as various fitness models or that your biceps were as large, you are doing yourself a disservice. You've worked so hard! Love your progress, love your effort, and love your determination. Allow your body to be a new and inspiring example of muscle & strength. Barring plastic surgery, our bodies are like our fingerprints, no two are identical. It's our uniqueness that makes us interesting. Leverage your uniqueness and add some more variety to this fit universe.

I felt the need to write this post because I personally began to focus on my ever-shrinking boobs. I just wanted my boobs to look full and firm in my sports bras. I had to realize that I was subconsciously comparing myself to women who had gotten breast augmentations. Upon realizing what I was doing, I quickly understood how ridiculous my self-deprecation was. I was comparing boobs that in no way could ever look similar, because they were not similar. Moreover, I wasn't appreciating my physique and my hard work. Just like those ladies bring a physique to the fit universe that inspires women, so does mine. Those women work hard, and so do I. That's all I need to know, think, and remember. I'm doing my part to add more variations and thus more beauty to the fit universe, and so are you.

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