The 10 Best Meditation Pillows To Buy For Back Support & Comfort

meditation pillows

These meditation pillows could be exactly what your meditations are missing for achieving a relaxed-deep-restorative meditative state.

For those who practice meditation, getting into a proper posture in a relaxed manner is quite simple and easy. But for those who are new to it or have long-term health problems concerning their backs and hips, simply relaxing can be difficult, let alone getting into the right position.

While meditation chairs can be a reasonable solution for most people with these handicaps, some people prefer smaller forms of support which can be easily supplemented with meditation pillows instead of chairs. Meditation pillows are plush and comfy, and come in many funky colors and designs which can make them a great addition to your home décor. You can take a look at our meditation chair write-up here.

There are various kinds of beautifully designed meditation pillows in the market, the most common and popular types being Zafu meditation cushions, Zen meditation cushions, Buddhist meditation pillows and Burmese meditation pillows and cushions. Some manufacturers even go as far as to provide full meditation pillow and cushion sets.

These pillows not only provide better support while meditating but also come with the added benefits of reduction in stress by conforming to the shape of your body while you’re sitting on it, providing proper ergonomic support as well as an easier transition period to support less meditation posture.

What is a meditation pillow

Though on the outset they appear to be like normal pillows, meditation pillows have some distinct differences from their regular counterparts. These pillows are ergonomically designed to provide special support to the pelvic region by raising it. They also hold the spine in proper place when sitting in a meditation posture and helps to keep your hips above your knees when meditating.

By allowing your body to be seated in the proper posture, the blood flow inside your body also remains regular, preventing cramps, pins and aches, which are the most common physical obstacles faced by novice meditation practitioners.

By preventing and eliminating these problems, meditation pillows allow you to meditate for longer periods of time. There are different types of meditation pillows in the market, which come in varying shapes and sizes.

What can you do on a meditation pillow?

Meditation pillows provide added comfort during meditation and even while performing some yoga poses. Starting from traditional lotus and shivana meditation postures to the less common kneeling positions of Russian and Japanese meditation style, a meditation pillow can accommodate them all based on its dimensions.

The common string connecting most of the meditation postures is the fact that most of them require your legs and ankles to be quite strong and flexible as meditation often involves sitting in the same posture for extended periods of time while often sitting down on hard surfaces.

Achieving proper meditation posture anytime, anywhere involves a lot of practice and patience. Most novice meditation practitioners are driven away by the physical discomfort, which is easily remedied by meditation pillows.


Different types of meditation pillows and their benefits

Meditation pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each of these shapes have their own unique characteristics and benefits. The suitability of a meditation a pillow depends largely on the manufacturer’s preference of the pillow’s shape. To give you a basic idea about the functions of the different shapes of meditation pillows, here’s a simple rundown:

Zafu Meditation Cushions

The most common and popular type of round pleated traditional meditation cushion, the Cosmic variant of this type of meditation cushion resembles a fortune cookie. Due to the pleated shape, the lift is higher than most common meditation pillows which greatly benefits taller meditation practitioners who are naturally less flexible in certain sitting positions.

Rectangular Meditation Cushions

Made for those who have a difficult time maintaining balance with the Zafu type meditation cushions, the rectangular shaped meditation pillows allow for better symmetry and balance. Since the lift is not high due to the flat surface shape, this type of cushion is preferred by people with more flexibility or lesser height.

Zabuton Meditation Cushions

Usually part of a meditation pillow or cushion set, the Zabuton Meditation Cushion is specifically designed for provide support to the ankles and knees when sitting down for meditation. For some people sitting on a zafu type cushion causes stress on the ankles and knees due to their low physical flexibility. The zabuton meditation pillows act as support units for zafu meditation pillows in this kind of situation.

Yoga bolsters

Yoga bolsters are mostly used by people who are in the final stages of perfecting proper meditation posture without any support and only need minimal support at this point. By sitting on top of a yoga bolster the pressure on the knees can be reduced, while using it as a back support provides comfort and support when meditating for extended periods of time.

Meditation benches

Though not very popular or common, some people also prefer to use meditation benches instead of meditation pillows. Even though these benches don’t come with soft surfaces, meditation pillows can be easily used in conjunction with them.

Other than these common types of meditation pillows, there are also smaller variants made for supporting knees and elbows. We included meditation benches in our write-up about the meditation chairs we love.

Choosing the perfect meditation pillow

When shopping for a meditation pillow, it’s important to find the perfect fit for you. To buy yourself the best meditation pillow possible, you should always keep the following factors in mind- the height of the meditation pillow, its shape, its material, as well the stuffing quality and thickness.

The most common type of cushion fillings are Kapok and Buckwheat. Kapok looks, weighs and feels similar to cotton but doesn’t have its absorption and conforming properties. Buckwheat on the other hand, is made from the chaffs of buckwheat grain. Though not as lightweight as Kapok, buckwheat more than makes up for it through its high conforming capabilities.

Colors are also of vital consideration when buying a meditation pillow. If you’re still new to meditation and spirituality and haven’t had the time to wrap your head around the significance of colors in the meditation environment, here’s a short rundown for you:

  • Green signifies restoration of balance and induces a calming effect on the mind.

  • Blue signifies peace and calm, similar to Green it also induces a calming effect on the mind

  • Red signifies energy, spirit and helps to focus in boosting energy levels of the mind and body.

  • Yellow signifies clarity and has a refreshing effect on the mind.

  • Orange signifies healing and restoration and has a similar effect as the color Red.

  • Black signifies concentration and focus and induces the same attribute on the mind when used in meditation.


10 Of The Best Meditation Pillows Online

If you have considered getting a meditation pillow, but have been putting it off because you can’t make time for shopping in your busy schedule, here’s our pick of some of the best meditation pillows online keeping the factors mentioned above in mind.


Boon Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Pillow

$89 at the time of publication

A plush and comfy green colored meditation pillow, The Boon Zafu Buckwheat meditation pillow is an excellent choice for both new and seasoned meditation practitioners.

This pillow is made from organic Buckwheat fill, the cover of this pillow is made from blended silk fabrics and has a decorative silk-screen print on it.

The print contains all the major spiritual symbols used in Buddhist meditation techniques. The zip-off feature of the cover allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Shape: Circular

Dimensions: 15 X 6 inches

Weight: 5 lbs

Color Variations:  6

 The Boon Zafu Buckwheat meditation pillow is available on


REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow

$39 at the time of publication

A simple but elegant looking meditation pillow, the REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow is excellent for those who don’t need additional back support and only need comfort when sitting in any kind of meditation position. It comes in 3 sizes and has a handgrip for better portability.

Made from Buckwheat, the core of the pillow is sealed in a plastic pouch, making it easy to swap or remove for cleaning purposes. The zip is hidden which gives this meditation pillow a flawless look.

Shape: Circular

Dimensions: Small- 12 X 4.5 inches
                       Medium- 13 X 4.5 inches
                       Large- 16 X 4.5 inches

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Color Variations: 4

The REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow is available on


DharmaObjects Tibetan Meditation Pillow

$40 at the time of publication

Yoga mats have always been popular meditation accessories, but the DharmaObjects Tibetan Yoga Mat takes comfort and design aesthetics to the next level. This yoga mat is made from 100% cotton. This yoga mat is foldable and even comes with its own carry bag. Thanks to the flat square surface you can do any number of activities on this pillow starting from meditation to exercises.

The four corners of the mat are decorated with indigenous Tibetan local symbols known as pata. As these pillows are made by Tibetan refugees in India to whom most part of the sales proceeds go to, you’ll also be doing a service to the less fortunate which always brings positive karma.

Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 13 X 13 X 1.5 inches

Weight:  1.61 pounds  

Color variations: 22

The DharmaObjects Tibetan Yoga Mat is currently available on 


Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion And Travel Pillow

$35 at the time of publication

Getting tired of lugging around your meditation pillow in a bulky package and wish you could just tuck it in your carry all bag and move around without the extra hindrance? The Mobile Meditator Inflatable meditation cushion and pillow is then the answer to your prayers!

Giving portability a new meaning, this air inflatable folding pillow can be easily carried anywhere without making sacrifices in quality and utility. Whether you want to do meditation or sit down in a comfy and funky looking seat anytime, anywhere, all you have to do is blow up the 3 air-inflatable air chambers that make up this cutting edge meditation pillow. All 3 chambers can be individually adjusted for maximum comfort and correct posture.

Shape: Crescent

Dimensions: 13 X 6 X 2 inches.   

Weight: 13 ounces (packed)

Color Variations: 4

The Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion and Travel Pillow is currently available on


Aozora Zafu Meditation Pillow

$19 at the time of publication

Another excellent inflatable meditation pillow with a vibrant and colorful cover design that makes it seem more like a living or drawing room furniture than a meditation accessory, the Aozora Zafu Meditation Cushion can fit in effortlessly in any room in your house.

The cover is made from cotton hemp fabric which is at the same time comfortable, soft and sturdy, making it the perfect companion for all level of yoga practitioners.  The cover is also easily removable and machine washable.

This meditation pillow comes with an air-pump for the inflatable inner which allows it to fit in tighter spaces than the average meditation pillow of similar dimensions.

Shape: Circular

Dimensions: 16 X 5 inches

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Design Variations: 5

The Aozora Zafu Meditation Cushion is currently available on

myZENhome Dhyana Meditation Pillow

$63 at the time of publication

Filled with organic kapok, the myZenhome Dhyana Meditation Cushion is popular among meditation practitioners with back and hip problems. Versatile and durable, this meditation pillow can be used to relax both indoors and outdoors.

Coming with a foldable back support, this firm yet sufficiently comfortable cushion is perfect to slip in to the right meditation posture (especially the Lotus) very easily.

The bright and tasteful use of colors adds layer and depth to the cushion’s design aesthetics. The back support can be unfolded to add length for yoga exercises as well.

Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 20 X 24 X 4 inches

Weight: 4.8 pounds

Color Variations: 5

The myZenhome Dhyana Meditation Cushion is currently available on


DND Futon Meditation Pillow Set

$65 at the time of publication

With a black base and multiple shades of bold and deep colors, this regal cushion set has a sleek and futuristic look coupled with maximum comfort and luxury utility. It can be directly placed on the floor as floor cushions or on a low wooden frame.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the DND Futon Furniture Meditation Seat Cushion Set can serve more purposes than a simple meditation pillow set. A great choice whether you’re simply using it for decoration or doing exercises and yoga.

The cover has a zipper for convenient cleaning and can be washed with a washing machine without any fear of damage to the cover.

Shape: Rectangular

Number of items: 2

Dimensions: Zafu- 6 X 9 X 15 inches
                     Zabuton- 3 X 28 X 36 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Color Variations: 16

The DND Futon Furniture Meditation Seat Cushion Set is currently available on

Kapok Cosmic Lowloft Meditation Pillow Set

$150 at the time of publication

The Kapok Cosmic Lowloft Meditation Cushion set features a Regular Lift Cosmic Cushion and a Zabuton Meditation Cushion stuffed with organic kapok or buckwheat, whichever is your preference. The beautiful Navy Blue cover on both cushions of this meditation cushion set is made from twill fabric which is smooth and luxurious.

If you choose buckwheat stuffing then the cushions come with a zippered opening which will allow you to adjust the levels of the hulls as per your preferences. The Zabuton cushion also features a 3 inch thick cotton batting that is tufted in 5 places, preventing the batting from bunching up.

This prevents the crumpled look that forms on the cushion when used for extended periods of time while at the at the same time allowing the pillow to conform according to your sitting posture. The covers of both cushions can be removed and are machine washable as well.

Shape: Rectangular

Number of items: 2

Dimensions: Zafu- 6.5 X 23 X 15 inches
                       Zabuton- 3 X 28 X 36 inches

Color Variations: None

The Kapok Cosmic Lowloft Meditation Cushion set also come in Travel and Oversize sizes other the Lowloft size, and is currently available on


YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster

$37 at the time of publication

One of the most simple and minimalistic meditation pillows around, the YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster I perfect for those who just need the bare minimum support when they sit down for meditation. The comfort level of this meditation pillow is just perfect; firm enough to provide proper support to the hips and the back while soft enough to be comfy.

Unlike the other selections in our list, this is the only meditation pillow to use 100% cotton stuffing. Even though cotton settles in and shrinks quicker than kapok or buckwheat, it can be added or removed comparatively easily than the other 2. It also has handles on both ends to accommodate more advanced yoga postures. The pillow case is zippered and can be easily removed for washing.

Shape: Cylindrical

Dimensions: 28 X 10 inches (seam to seam measurement, exact measurements vary due to fluffy nature of cotton.

Weight: 7.4 pounds

Color variations: 11

The YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster is currently available on

Friends Of Meditation Floor Meditation Pillow

$65 at the time of publication

This high-quality meditation pillow is one of the more underrated meditation pillow model. The design is based on suitcase and briefcases, while allow this stylish meditation pillow to be carried around like one if necessary.

The Up and Down design makes it look like a staircase when unfolded, which allows it to smartly reduce numbness of legs in an efficient manner. This meditation pillow is specifically made for the lotus position, as a result transitioning fluidly to the Lotus position without support becomes comparatively easy as well.

Aside from meditation, it can also be used effectively for the yoga practices of Pranayama and Vipassana as well.

Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: A 5 inch wide cushion meant for resting your hips connected another cushion of 3 inches width 

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Color Variations: 3

The Friends of Meditation Up and Down Floor Meditation Pillow is currently available on


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