I AM & CO- A refreshing self-care destination for women

Who We Are

I AM & CO is a refreshing-energetic online community and self-care destination for women. We share and create stories by women for women that inspire identity, discussion, expansion, and growth.

Emotional Aftertaste™

We write and publish each piece with its “emotional aftertaste” in mind. Does the topic and content make us feel optimistic or encouraged? Did it make us laugh? Does it give us the warm-fuzzies? That benchmarking along with many other factors determines our editorial strategy and the experience we provide to the reader.

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We're not just cooking up the best feel-good content. We're also creating a whole suite of affirmational tools and editorialized content to help you get and stay in the mindset of who you really are a clear, courageous, whole, and fulfilled human being. Stay tuned!



92.3% of our engaged readership identifies as a woman between the ages 25 to 34.

We're interested in creatively and thoughtfully connecting brands to our readership. How can your product help our reader "connect the dots" of daily life? Are we delivering the solutions and products that they've been looking for?


Influence our content by providing your valuable feedback. Which topics most light you up right now? What would you like to see more of? How do prefer to engage with us? We're all ears, the first step is to ask!



Our affirmation products can be found in multiple brick and mortar stores, subscription boxes, and online retailers. For wholesale inquiries click learn more.